Zara Zerou: code asks employees to watch

In a press conference last Tuesday night (19), the Civil Police chief, Sérgio Pereira, informed that the Zara brand has a code, “Zara Zerou”, which, when announced in its stores, alerts employees so that they can watch “people of color and poorly dressed”.

“From that moment on, the person was no longer treated as a customer, but as a person who was harmful to the normal service provided by the store. From there, people were under surveillance. Usually they were people considered poorly dressed, according to their standard, or people of color”, reported Pereira.

“Some witnesses who worked at the store (Zara) were instructed to identify the people who entered the establishment, who had stereotypes that were not within the standard of the establishment”, concluded the delegate.

The discovery took place within the scope of the investigation of the case of racism registered by delegate Ana Paula Barroso, deputy director of the Department for Protection of Vulnerable Groups (DPGV) of the Civil Police of Ceará, against Zara. On September 19, she, a black woman, was prevented from entering the brand’s store at Shopping Iguatemi in Fortaleza (CE).

Zara claimed that employees prevented Barroso from entering the store because she was wearing no mask while eating ice cream. However, analyzing the images from cameras in the space’s internal circuit, police discovered that the justification given by the brand was not coherent, since on the same day, other white people, also wearing masks, were not stopped.

“You can see in the images, in a short period of time, other clients using the mask incorrectly and feeding. None of these people were approached. One of them was attended by Bruno Filipe (an employee who stopped Ana Paula Barroso) and at no time did he question or embarrass any of these clients,” explained Janaína Siebra, Women’s Protection delegate, at the press conference.

In a statement, Zara said that “it did not have access to the police authority’s report until it was released in the media, it wants to express that it will collaborate with the authorities to clarify that the store’s performance during the covid-19 pandemic is based on the application of the health protection protocols, since the government decree in force establishes the mandatory use of masks in public environments. Any other interpretation not only departs from reality but also does not reflect company policy.”

Edition: Leandro Melito

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