“You’re my maid, I’m beautiful and you’re trash”:

“You are my maid (…) I am beautiful, and I am blonde. And you are rubbish”. It was with these words, uttered in an uncontrolled manner, that anti-vaccination protesters addressed the councilors of the black bench in Porto Alegre. The episode took place in yesterday’s session (20) of the City Council, when councilors were preparing to vote for the veto of Mayor Sebastião Melo (MDB) on the vaccination passport, which is mandatory in the state.

The racist attacks made the councilors Bruna Rodrigues and Daiana Santos, both from the PCdoB, together with the councilor Laura Sito (PT), to register a police report this Thursday morning (21) at the Precinct for Combating Intolerance .

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“It is clear that there is machismo and racism in Rio Grande do Sul, but for us to have a direct attack on me, Councilwoman Bruna, Councilwoman Laura, we cannot easily let that go. We cannot naturalize this type of relationship, which is extremely stupid”, said councilwoman Daiana Santos, when registering.

According to her, the lawmakers registered to prove that this type of attitude will not be accepted silently and unpunished. “Precisely because we know our rights. This was a reprehensible act and it doesn’t just talk about us, it talks about a group of women and men who have been fighting for a long time for dignity, respect, for life, for survival”, she adds.

Bruna Rodrigues, a member of the bench and party, highlights that one of the ways in which racism manifests itself is by questioning the occupied spaces. “When black women, like me, hear that we are ‘employees’ of people with the profile of the woman who insulted me today – white, “good”, from family – this phrase actually questions our ability to be in these spaces. That’s why hearing today that I’m an ‘employee’ and that I’m someone’s rubbish made me angry”, says the parliamentarian.

She also highlighted being very proud of having been a maid. “I am very proud to be the daughter of a street sweeper. And I am even more proud to be here representing these women, these workers! This is no shame for me or any female worker in this field. Shame is to see that the Chamber is still a space where racism, sexism and hatred towards our people are perpetuated”, he criticizes.

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Pocket political violence

Councilors Karen Santos and Matheus Gomes, both from PSOL, were together with councilors / Photo: Lucas Leffa

“These speeches express how much this pocketnarist, denialist sector moves the worst in society, which are people with swastikas, people who felt free to be racist with parliamentarians in the Chamber, with many cameras filming,” says Councilwoman Laura Located.

For Laura, the episode demonstrates the degree of political violence that councilors are involved. “That’s why we came to make this police report, so that these people are held accountable and so that we can fight this type of violence in society and defend so that there is no curtailment of our parliamentary activities.”

The councilors went to the police station accompanied by parliamentarians from the opposition bench: Karen Santos (PSOL), Pedro Ruas (PSOL), Matheus Gomes (PSOL), Jonas Reis (PT), Roberto Robaina (PSOL) and Leonel Radde (PT). They had the support of dozens of protesters from the National Anti-Racist Front, the Union of Blacks and Blacks for Equality (Unegro) and other entities and protesters who, after registering in the Bulletin, carried out a symbolic anti-racist act at the site. Former deputy Manuela D’Ávila was also present at the demonstration.

The vote in the Chamber ended up keeping Mayor Melo’s veto on the passport. However, the measure has no value, as the state government, since this Monday (18), determined the requirement of the document for a series of activities throughout the state.

Note from the City Council

The Porto Alegre City Council issued an official note on the case this Thursday (21). Check out:

In view of the events that took place this afternoon (10/20) in the Plenary of Porto Alegre City Council, the acting president, councilor Idenir Cecchim (MDB), and the Board of Directors of this House vehemently repudiate any type of manifestation policy that uses the device of violence. The plenary of the City Council is the expression of democracy in the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and its decisions are sovereign. This Legislative rejects any form of intimidation against its members.

Under no circumstances will this Chamber accept an apology for the swastika, symbol of the darkest period in modern human history. Those who seek to impose their will by force or terror will never have a home in this House. Rather, such individuals will be subject to the rigor of the law and held responsible for their actions.

Watch videos

Parliamentarians registered the turmoil and attacks and posted it on their social networks. Watch:

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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