Young survivor of police action in Anchieta

The young Camily Apolinário, survivor of the police action that culminated in the death of her boyfriend, Samuel Vicente and William Vasconcellos in the community of Chapadão, in the neighborhood of Anchieta, in the north of Rio de Janeiro, on Saturday (25), will be included in the Program for the Protection of Threatened Victims and Witnesses of the State (Provita-RJ).

Last Wednesday (29), the Commission on Human Rights and Citizenship of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) received Camily Apolinário and relatives of William Vasconcellos da Silva and Samuel Vicente. In addition to Camily, her mother, Maria do Carmo da Silva, was also referred to Provita-RJ.

According to the version presented by Camily, she and her boyfriend were at a party in the community, when the young woman got sick and her boyfriend, Samuel, called her stepfather, William, to take her to an Emergency Room ( UPA). The three were on a motorcycle that was shot by a team of military police patrolling the site. Witnesses claim that there was no request for the vehicle to stop.

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The president of the commission, Deputy Dani Monteiro (Psol), said that the reports heard during the service helped to understand the dynamics of the facts. She demanded rigor in investigating the case.

“It is unacceptable for the State to authorize the murder of black people, just because they are on a motorcycle. The cops shoot first and ask questions later. Favelado can’t ride a motorcycle? Police officers need to be removed and tried. There is no public faith in this case. Witnesses reported in the same way, there was not even a shot in the air”, said the deputy.

Camily’s mother said she believed that, even if belatedly, the Judiciary will convict those responsible. And she showed fear with her daughter’s safety.

“Samuel, William and Camily are not criminals or drug dealers, and they weren’t doing anything unusual. Does the Police work with guesswork or certainty? What do they receive training for? They implanted terror in my daughter’s life. The smile you see on the internet no longer exists, she is even afraid to go to the gate”, she said.

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Sonia Bonfim Vicente said that, unlike what was reported by the press, there was no funk dance in the community on the day of the action. She questioned the action and revealed her dismay at the tragedy of losing her son and husband.

“They took my heart and my uterus. I want my husband and son’s belongings. Where are my son’s car keys, IDs, motorcycle ID and cell phone? What bad guy buys a motorcycle in his own name? I lost my provider husband, I was left with two daughters, one aged four and one aged eight”, she said.


The case was registered and is under investigation at the 27th Police Precinct (Vicente de Carvalho). The PM’s Internal Affairs is also investigating what happened.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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