Workers strike against privatization of the company of

With banners and drums, Carris workers took a walk through the streets of Porto Alegre (RS) on Friday morning (3) with the objective of alerting the population about the risks of privatizing the company. The privatization of the company is part of the projects sent by Mayor Sebastião Melo (MDB) to the City Council regarding public transport in the capital.

During the act, the workers also protested against the decision of the City Council, on Wednesday (2), which approved the extinction of the bill collector, a project that is part of Melo’s package. In addition to privatization, the end of tariff exemptions is awaited to be voted on.

This Friday’s walk was closely followed by members of the Military Brigade’s shock battalion. She was also accompanied by councilors Matheus Gomes (Psol) and Bruna Rodrigues (PCdoB).

The workers remain on watch in front of the company’s headquarters, located in the Partenon neighborhood, and continue articulating the next steps in the mobilization in defense of the public Carris. In an assembly held in the afternoon, a new mobilization was agreed for next Monday.

Employee representatives reinforce that 65% of the fleet is circulating, in compliance with the agreement made with the Regional Labor Court. The minimum percentage of circulation was stipulated in an injunction signed by Judge Francisco Rossal do Araujo. In his decision, the magistrate considers that not providing public transport services can put the population of Porto Alegre at risk, in terms of access to health.

However, the judge stresses the legitimacy of the strike. “On the other hand, the workers have no choice but the wall movement, given the possibility of privatizing the company and the consequent and known loss of jobs, if it were to be carried out”, he pointed out. The injunction provides for a daily fine of R$20,000.00 if the agreement is breached.

Through his official twitter account, Mayor Sebastião Melo once again stated that the strike would be unfair, inappropriate and inopportune. “What you see most at Carris’ door are the banners of political and non-working parties,” he stressed, noting that if the court agreement in the Carris strike is not fulfilled, “it is a cut in time and salary immediately.”

In response to the mayor, councilor Matheus Gomes posted a video contesting the claim, showing that there were workers at the company.

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Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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