Workers on leave by the INSS have until this Friday (19) to

Workers removed from work due to temporary incapacity (formerly sick pay) and who were called by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) to carry out a new medical examination must schedule the procedure until this Friday (19). The initial deadline was November 11th, but has now been extended to the 19th.

The exam confirming the sickness allowance can be scheduled through the Meu INSS application, through the 135 Service Center or through the agency’s website.

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fine comb

The INSS made the call through a fine-tooth operation to investigate possible irregularities in the transfer of benefits. Therefore, the insured person who does not make the appointment will have the payment suspended. If the beneficiary does not respond after 60 days of suspension, the benefit will be cancelled.

Those who receive the benefit due to temporary absence for more than six months and who have no stipulated termination date or any indication of professional rehabilitation through the Disability Benefit Review Program (PRBI) were invited.

In total, the INSS summoned 95,588 policyholders. Of these, just over 10,000 have already been scheduled, according to the agency. Since July, approximately 170,000 beneficiaries, who have not had medical examinations for more than six months, have received a letter informing them of the need for an appointment. Exams started in August and continue until December.

The beneficiary who receives the letter has up to 30 days from the date of receipt of the document to schedule the exam.

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On the day of the examination, it is necessary to bring an identity card, Registration of Individuals (CPF), recent medical exams proving the inability to work, a report with the doctor’s name, registration with the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM), description and disease code (ICD – international classification of diseases).

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