With authorization from Aneel, electricity bill in the Federal District

Between power outages and the substantial increase in complaints against the energy concessionaire in the Federal District, the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) authorized this Thursday (21) the 11.69% readjustment for residential consumers in the city.

The readjustment takes effect from tomorrow (22), impacting about 1.1 million consumer units in the Federal District.

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Aneel informs that the tariff reviews are provided for in the concession contracts and are intended to “achieve the balance of tariffs based on the remuneration of the investments of companies aimed at the provision of distribution services and the coverage of expenses effectively recognized” by the National Agency .

With the readjustment, the residential tariff in the federal capital, which occupied the 51st place in the national ranking, being one of the lowest in the country, is now occupying the 36th position. In all, there are 53 distribution concessionaires in Brazil.

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The director of the Union of Urban Workers in the DF (STIU-DF), Victor Frota, points out that the entity, which represents the company’s workers, had already warned about the risks of privatization, especially the increase in tariffs. “Unfortunately, this is the trend for the coming years, also influenced by the water crisis and the disorganization of the electricity sector with the eventual privatization of Eletrobras”, he says.

He explains that there is a crisis in the Brazilian electricity sector caused by the omission of the current federal government and strictly followed by the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), especially in the policy of privatizing public companies.

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“What we see is a precariousness of the service provided to the population after the privatization of energy distributors. Our neighbor, Goiás, has been bitter with the increase in the tariff, which has already exceeded 35%, in addition to the constant power outage. This is the future of the federal capital”, warns the director.

According to Frota, another potential risk for the electrical system in the DF is the policy of “downsizing” the workforce.

“In the private distribution sector, maintenance teams are smaller and investments for expansion and service quality, in the name of profit, are also reduced. The consequence of this is blackouts much more often, in addition to increasing the restart time. And this has already become a reality here in the DF”, he highlights.


Data from Aneel show that, in the entire year of 2020, the Agency received 2,397 complaints, a period in which the provision of the service was under the management of CEB Distribuição. Until September 2021, 2,859 occurrences had already been registered. Lack of power and reading errors are among the biggest complaints.

:: Worsening service and constant power outage show the failure of CEB’s privatization ::

For Silmara Carvalho, a resident of Jardim Botânico, the privatization of CEB “only made the situation worse,” he says. “With the CEB privatized, we have much more power outages, in the condominium where I live, we spend three days with a problem with the network, and in this we lose groceries, spoil food that is in the refrigerator, all after the governor said that privatizing CEB would solve the problem in the sector”.

“Now the forecast is for more energy increase and we don’t have any positive return from that. We are paying an expensive bill and we do not have quality service”, protests the resident.

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Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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