Which students are the exception to the mandatory return to classes

Next Monday (18), in the state of São Paulo, students will be required to return to classroom classes for state, municipal and private networks linked to the State Council of Education, following security protocols until the end of October.

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There are, however, some groups that are exceptions to the requirement. Are they:

– students included in a risk group or with comorbidities, over 12 years old and with an incomplete vaccination schedule;
– students with more fragile health conditions, proven by medical prescription, even with a complete vaccination cycle;
– pregnant and postpartum women;
– under 12 years old belonging to the risk group;
– for which there is still no approved immunizing agent.

no distance

From November 3rd, the distance of one meter as well as the relay between students will no longer be mandatory. With the new measures, the government will also expand access to 100% of students present simultaneously.

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Mask, temperature measurement and sanitation

Other measures must be maintained: mandatory use of mask, temperature measurement (those with 37.5°C or more should not stay in school), ventilation and cleaning of environments, frequent hand hygiene, prohibited access for symptomatic people and notification of suspected cases or confirmed for the observation of the contacts.

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Vaccine for SP teachers

Among the education professionals in the state, 97% are with the complete vaccination scheme, that is, immunized with two doses or a single dose against covid-19, according to the government of São Paulo. Among adolescents aged 12 to 17 years, 90% of them have already taken the first dose of Pfizer’s immunizing agent, the only vaccine approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) for this population.

Other states

The date of October 18th also marks the return of on-site classes without rotations in the state of Rio de Janeiro. In Minas Gerais, activities with 100% of students in the classroom were approved last October 8th.

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