“What he says is pure ‘Suicide State’”: psychoanalyst

When responding to complaints of moral harassment, made by 16 civil servants and former employees of the Palmares Foundation, Sérgio Camargo, president of the organization, showed, once again, lack of control and used a language characteristic of the Pocketnaristas. “Moral harassment is the brioco of those who accuse me,” he wrote.

Last Sunday (29), the TV Globo revealed that Camargo is the target of accusations for imposing a routine of humiliation and psychological terror on the workers of Fundação Palmares. The accusations were based on an action by the Public Ministry of Labor (MPT) against the president of the organization.

For the psychoanalyst Kwame Yonatan Poli dos Santos, Camargo was placed by Bolsonaro at the head of the Palmares Foundation to “end with the black movement”, and he thus “attacks the very construction that allowed him to get where he is.”

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“He shows an easiness to adapt to the discourse of the racial democracy myth, but he is black. He follows a group of people who created this, but who are white and benefit from this system. It’s a system that annihilates people like him. The things he says are pure suicidal State, as the philosopher would say”, criticizes Santos.

The concept of suicidal states was developed by the French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018). It would be the final characteristic, and the inevitable outcome, of all States that have technicality and economic progress by themselves as the main elements of their existence, without taking into account other aspects that make up society.

Thus, the concept of suicide fits because, while it seeks its ultimate goals, it exhausts its own natural and human resources, seeking to increase production and consumption to meet a neoliberal economic market structure.

Beyond this type of parallel, the psychoanalyst stated that there is no way, from a distance, to analyze Camargo more deeply, but that some signs are evident.

“Sergio Camargo does not follow any of the readings of social relations built within the black movement. He speaks for the Bolsonaro government. Sergio Camargo’s choice, in another dimension, is a choice to produce this dissociation. The fact that he is black and produces speeches that reproduce racism, aims to produce this shock, that racism does not exist. In short, it aims to reinforce the myth of racial democracy.”

Finally, Santos ventures a guess about Camargo’s future. “Next year he will be elected with the vote of many white people, who will feel represented by a black man who fights against the movement itself.”

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This is just one of the grotesque episodes produced by Camargo at the head of Fundação Palmares. Despite being responsible for the historical and cultural preservation of the black population, the Pocketnarista has vehemently attacked it since taking office on March 13, 2020.

On April 30 of this year, in a closed-door meeting with employees of the Palmares Foundation, Camargo criticized Black Awareness Day, cursed Zumbi dos Palmares and attacked the black movement, which he called “damned scum”.

A few days later, the foundation owner decided to attack representatives of national rap. “Projects with rappers will only be accepted at Fundação Palmares after rigorously checking the ‘artists’ past life. Those who take the path of crime, the apology of drugs and bitching, or allow themselves to be used as doormats for the left, will never be contemplated.”

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In December 2020, Camargo announced the exclusion of 27 names from the list of personalities honored by the Palmares Foundation, such as Martinho da Vila, Conceição Evaristo, Elza Soares, Gilberto Gil, among others.

Edition: Leandro Melito and Vinícius Segalla

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