What does the accusation of violence against Nego do Borel have to do

On social networks, internet users are accusing the singer Nego do Borel, a participant in reality show “A Fazenda”, by TV Record, of raping the model Dayane Mello, after a party of the program, this Friday (24). This Saturday morning, the topic “rape on Record” became one of the most talked about on Twitter.

The case had repercussions even among significant figures on the national scene. “The evidence of sexual violence against a drunk woman, broadcast live on a national reality show, is extremely serious. The victim needs to be protected immediately. The police must investigate the possible rape on Record”, said federal deputy Jandira Feghali (PCdoB-RJ ).

Federal Deputy Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL-SP) also classified the allegation of sexual violence as “very serious” and that it requires an investigation by the authorities. The parliamentarian also stated that it is “fundamental” that the “issuer stops hiding the case”.

Along the same lines, federal deputy Orlando Silva (PCdoB-SP) wrote that “the allegation that a participant in a reality show on TV Record was raped is extremely serious. As a fact, the crime is heinous and requires prompt action by the broadcaster, when denouncing and providing evidence, and by the judicial authorities to punish. NO, IT IS NOT!”.

The culture of violence is precisely this process of naturalization and trivialization of sexual violence

Juliette, champion of TV Globo’s Big Brother Brazil 2021, also spoke. “The investigation is necessary and URGENT! In any situation where a person is unable to express their will (free and conscious) the relationship CANNOT even be initiated”.

rape culture

For Sônia Coelho, a member of the World March of Women and of the Perpetual Feminist Organization (SOF), the situation reflects the culture of rape, as it is a matter of “naturalization” of violence against women.

“The culture of violence is precisely this process of naturalization and trivialization of sexual violence”. Coelho claims that cases that naturalize violence end up reproducing more violence.

::Debate | The rape culture in question::

“When a broadcaster decides to give visibility to men accused and indicted for domestic violence or when it does not take a stand even on an alleged rape case, there is the idea that men can exercise violence any way they want, without disapproval or punishment about that. It’s extremely serious,” he says.

Still in the assessment of Sônia Coelho, cases like this end up showing society that “men can continue with these practices and that women have to be subordinate to sexual violence”.

“As I said, the naturalization of violence is an extremely dangerous mechanism that increases violence. Especially when a television channel does not show the serious situation, it gives the impression that people don’t need to worry,” he adds.

According to the 14th Brazilian Yearbook of Public Security, of the Brazilian Public Security Forum (FBSP), in 2020 there were 66,123 rape victims, 85.7% of whom were female. That’s one rape every eight minutes. Recalling that, according to article 213 of the Penal Code, rape is characterized by the embarrassment of someone, “by means of violence or serious threat, to have a carnal conjunction or to practice or allow another libidinous act to be practiced with him”.

“It’s not a violence that happens only in the house or that happens because the person was in a dark place, at a certain time, nothing like that. It’s a violence that occurs in practically every place where there are men and women, where the sexist ideology and patriarchal, the power of men over women rules”, he assesses.

understand the case

Videos circulating on the network show the singer holding the model, who was drunk, in her bed. Other participants even tried to lift Borel off the model, but they continued in bed together.

Rico Melquiades claimed that Borel was “excited” to be lying with Mello. At another point, MC Gui said, “Day, are you alright? Are you sure you want to stay there? Do you want to go to your bed or stay there? Answer, Day.”

Another participant, Solange Gomes, also intervened: “Go to your bed, Day. She’s totally drunk”. When the lights were off, videos show Mello saying “It’s just that I have a daughter” and “Stop it, Nego.”

THE Dayane Mello’s team stated on social media that the “police and legal team are at the door of the program’s headquarters” to “progress the legal proceedings of the case”. The police authorities went to the location to collect “evidence of what happened, such as bedding, condoms, clothing of the victim and accused, statements, among others”, as informed by the model’s own team.

The model’s social media administrators also lamented what happened. “Dayane completely unconscious and without any faculty of his actions. Nothing justifies it! The necessary measures will be taken with images, videos, speeches and actions of everything we have seen as soon as we manage to get in touch with those responsible”, informed the team. A statement from the station was also requested.

On Twitter, the Record team stated that the “facts are being duly ascertained by a multidisciplinary team” and that there will be a statement this Saturday (25th), during the program.

In an official note, the spokesperson for singer Nego do Borel informed that it is following the “serious accusations”. “We are totally in favor of the investigation of any and all facts that occur within the reality, as well as the hearing of everyone involved.” The team also stated that “no conclusions should be made based on clipped videos and scrambled audios.”

Accusation History

Out here, Nego do Borel is carrying charges of domestic violence against three ex-girlfriends. One of them is model Duda Reis, who recently, on September 17, spoke about the singer’s presence in the reality show. “The biggest penalty is for a network to have attitudes like this in several years to put offenders with a criminal record on TV and give these men chances. It’s very sad, very painful and a disservice to society,” said the model on her Instagram account.

In the same video, Reis stated that Borel was indicted for “bodily injury in the context of domestic violence due to the existence of evidence of damage to the victim’s mental health”, as informed by the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat to G1. “Today Nego do Borel was indicted for domestic violence against me. I think you need to know, especially those who doubt the woman’s word and always question it.”

Edition: Douglas Matos

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