What brushes do I need for an amazing make up ?!

Hi girls,

I’m taking advantage of this phase “lack of total time / exclusive dedication to baby Olivia” to rediscover old posts that have been successful on the blog and continue to be super useful. I think it’s valid to post again for those who haven’t seen it, or already forgot… lol… after all, this one is from 2010 !!!

I’m still not a super makeup expert, but I’m certainly very interested! As I always make my own makes, even for parties and weddings, I’m an applied student, I research, I watch tutorials, I’ve done some self makeup classes with top makeup artists… and, most importantly, practical! They don’t say that “practice makes perfect”, because, one day I get there… heheh.

But let’s start with the basics, I was already very doubtful about how to use my various makeup brushes and to end my question marks in this area, I tried to know what are the essentials and what each one is for. My goal in this post is to try to give a little help to those who share the doubts I had.

Hope you like it!

A brief explanation of each brush:


Screenshot 2015-10-20 at 11.37.22 The brushes used for base application are thin, flat and with medium bristles. They help to spread the product more evenly over the face. In the application, start at the center of the face and pull towards the sides, always tapping with the brush.

The Duo Fiber model is also a favorite of many makeup artists. My tip is to test both types and choose the one you prefer. In my opinion the one with the flat bristles marks more each brushstroke in the rosot, it needs to be very well done, while the fiber duo spreads in a smoother and more homogeneous way.

Powder and Blush

Powder and Blush brushes are rounded and full of fur. Like the basic ones, they spread the product evenly in the application area. To avoid overeating, gently blow on the brush before rubbing it on your face.


There are at least 4 types – one for applying concealer, one for shading, one for smudging and one for precision.

Use the most basic and rounded ones to apply the shade on the eyelids. The “fatter ones” are ideal for smoky, the fluffy bristles help to distribute the color. The smallest and most firm are those of precision, which serve to adjust the color in the corners, in the concave and to shade the lower part of the eyes. Concealer brushes are the most annoying, but you can also use your fingertips, giving light taps to spread the product.


I never used a brush to apply lipstick, but after I discovered this technique, I was enchanted. The lipstick is so perfect and it is amazing how the mouth is more outlined. Love!


This “broom” is used to clean the shadow residues that may fall when you are applying your eyes, you pass it gently and eliminate unwanted powder.

Brush / brush

These are for combing our beautiful eyebrows. A disheveled eyebrow does away with any make-up, you can even apply a colorless mascara to leave them in place.

How to clean your brushes:

Wash them with a neutral shampoo. Dry with paper towels or a wet tissue and NEVER store brushes without the bristles being completely dry. The washing may be performed every 15 days.

Guys, important details – the image at the top of this post shows a mega kit of brushes, but it is not absolutely necessary to have all of them. Just 1 for foundation, 1 for powder, another for blush, the 4 I mentioned for the eyes, 1 for lipstick (optional), the cleaning brush (optional) and the eyebrow brushes (optional). Which gives us a total of a maximum of 10 brushes to make amazing makeup !!!

Another tip is the following, according to the experts in the subject, it is not necessary to buy expensive brushes to have better results, this only with practice. So, let’s train a lot, makeup even to go around the corner… lol…


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