Visiting the MTST Solidarity Kitchen in RS,

On one of the busiest avenues in the city of Porto Alegre, Azenha, since last Sunday (26) the Solidarity Kitchen organized by the Movement of Homeless Workers (MTST) of Rio Grande do Sul has been operating. This Wednesday morning (30th) ), the municipal secretary for Social Development, Léo Voight, went to the place and spoke with the organizers, social movements and parliamentarians present there. He recognized the importance of the initiative and signaled the intention to build ways to make its maintenance viable.

In four days of operation, Cozinha Solidária da Azenha has already distributed more than 600 meals to residents of the region. Occupying an unused land with no social function, the kitchen is threatened by a federal government takeover process.

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Therefore, an articulation was formed around the space to guarantee its continuity, formed by civil society organizations, the surrounding communities, the parliamentarians of the black bench of the City Council and the Parliamentary Front for the Defense of Nutritional Food Security, together with the Committee to Combat Hunger.

This Wednesday morning (29), the effort to maintain the activities, received the secretary Léo Voight and the president of the Social Assistance and Citizenship Foundation (Fasc), Cátia Lara Martins. On the occasion, the secretary recognized the importance of the action and signaled his intention to open a dialogue to build an alternative to the federal government for the continued existence of the solidarity kitchen.

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“Public authorities cannot agree with you automatically, it would be demagoguery. There is a process. But there are moves that can be made. If the mayor takes it to the Union’s patrimony, we can enter into dialogue”, pointed out the secretary.

20th MTST Solidarity Kitchen in the country

Each day, around 150 lunchboxes are delivered by the Solidary Kitchen / Alas Derivas

As highlighted by Eduardo Osório, from the coordination of the MTST RS, the kitchen at Azenha is the 20th in the country. According to him, the recognition by the government of the importance of the kitchen is another important step in consolidating the initiative.

“The fight against hunger, which has come from afar and which took drastic contours in the last period, is advancing here in Azenha with firm steps in meeting these demands”, he highlights.

In Porto Alegre, it is estimated that more than 160 thousand people are in a situation of social vulnerability. Last year there was an increase of almost 40% in the number of people living on the city’s streets.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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