VIDEO | Indigenous groups rally ahead of Supreme Court ruling

The Brazilian Supreme Court is ruling on the timeframe limitation and more than 6,000 indigenous people have occupied Brasília to defend their rights. Backed by the agribusiness sector, the timeframe wants to dismiss all land claims by indigenous groups that did not physically occupy the territory on 1988, when the Constituton was signed.

This is the largest mobilization in the history of the indigenous movement in Brazil. They have representatives of 173 ethnic groups protesting against the Jair Bolsonaro government and attacks from the Judiciary and the Legislative.

“Our history does not start now, our history has more than 521 years”, says Tamikuã Pataxó, from the Indigenous Land of Jaraguá. “This bill will destroy our territories, our rivers. It will end our Mother Nature, the Amazon Rainforest, and your lives, the lives of non-Indigenous people.”

Also on this week’s program: the 7th of September, the date of Brazil’s independence from Portugal, is marked by protests by popular movements and anti-democratic demonstrations aligned with Bolsonaro.

On the Culture Talk, you will learn how artistic expression is used as a psychological treatment at the Cândido Ferreira health service in Campinas. You can also hear Aláfia, the big band from São Paulo.

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Edited by: Arturo Hartmann

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