“Vaccine passport” remains valid in Rio for surgeries

The start of the “vaccine passport” in the city of Rio de Janeiro was postponed to September 15 for the commerce and services sector, but for elective surgeries and for receiving the Família Carioca benefit, the validity of the voucher of immunization took effect last Wednesday (1st).

According to the city’s new decree, patients and beneficiaries of the municipality’s income transfer program must present proof of the vaccine from the digital certification of the ConnectSUS platform or with the paper vaccination booklet. People must comply with the capital’s vaccination schedule.

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According to the Municipal Health Department (SMS), in the case of elective surgeries, the voucher can only be dispensed if the patient presents a medical report that shows a contraindication for the covid-19 vaccine, according to the SMS resolution published on Tuesday (31 ). The text also determines that elective surgery patients must be informed about health professionals from surgical teams who are not vaccinated against the disease. The information is from the portal Extra.

“Passport” effect

Last Saturday (28), the city set a record for the application of recap doses. According to SMS. On the day following the publication of the decree, the folder applied 48,531 first doses. A number three times greater than the total of the previous Saturday, August 21st, when only 15,957 first doses were administered.

According to Extra, the increased search for the first dose has not yet been reflected in the search for the second. On Tuesday, the latecomers for the booster dose were 194,000, according to the SMS. In all, the sum of those who missed the date of at least one of the doses of the vaccine and who will have restricted circulation in the city from mid-September is today at the mark of 418,000.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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