US drone bombing kills 10 civilians in

The unmanned air strike carried out by the United States on Sunday (29) caused the death of 10 civilians, reports The Washington Post. The publication claims that all civilian victims are from the same “extended family” and were getting out of a car when another vehicle was hit nearby.

US Central Command claims the attack was aimed at the Islamic State and destroyed an “imminent” threat to Kabul Airport, home of the US evacuation operation. In a statement, Central Command also stressed that they were “aware of reports of civilian casualties” and that “we would be deeply saddened by any potential loss of innocent lives.”

Last week, an attack at Kabul Airport killed 170 civilians trying to leave the country and 13 US military personnel. The Pentagon claims that EI-K, the local arm of the Islamic State and rival to the Taliban, is responsible for the terrorist attack. US President Joe Biden promised to “hunt” the terrorists responsible for the episode.

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Since then, two US drone attacks have been reported in Afghanistan.

The first of them was confirmed by the Pentagon on Saturday (28), which highlighted at the time that it can use drones that are not necessarily in Afghanistan. The attack killed two EI-K members, injured a third and killed no civilians, according to the US. The second drone attack would have prevented a car bomb on Sunday (29) and caused civilian casualties. The vehicle would target Kabul Airport.

More than 47,000 civilians have died in the Afghan War, according to data from Brown University.

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