Uruguay registers 3rd general strike against Luis government

Uruguay registers on Wednesday (14) the third general strike of Luis Lacalle Pou’s government, called by the Inter-Union Workers Plenary (PIT-CNT), with the motto “May the most unhappy be the most privileged”. Caravans departed from different parts of the country towards Montevideo, for a concentration at the Legislative Palace, seat of the Uruguayan Parliament.

With the fall in purchasing power, the central workers are demanding adjustments in wages, more jobs and policies to fight hunger. At the same time, they defend public companies and education, two key points that were weakened during the government of the rightist Luis Lacalle Pou with measures enacted through the so-called Urgent Consideration Law (LUC).

“We believe that, contrary to what is happening, the ethical and political sense of public policies should be to reach out to the most vulnerable sectors of society,” stated the secretary general of the PIT-CNT, Marcelo Abdala. “It will be one of the most important manifestations of the last 10 years”, he predicted, at a press conference.

In June this year, unemployment in Uruguay reached the mark of 9.4%, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), while the Average Salary Index increased 5.83% in July, compared to the same period of the year. last year.

The workers’ center also demands the revocation of 135 of the 467 articles of the LUC.

Several unions are following the call for the PIT-CNT and interrupt their activities this Wednesday, including the Medical Union of Uruguay, the Uruguayan Federation of Health, the National Union of Transport Workers and Workers (Unott), the Uruguayan Federation of Teaching , the Association of Teachers of the University of the Republic, the Central Council of the Association of Bank Workers of Uruguay, the Union of Solid Urban Waste Classifiers (Ucrus) and the National Union of Salaried Workers, Rural and Related Workers, among other entities.

* With information from Telám, AFP and La Diaria.

Edition: Thales Schmidt

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