Urban art incentive project will include workshops for

The Urban Art Incentive Project will bring two important artists to Porto Alegre to make a mural with more than 60 meters in a building, in addition to workshops with young people.

Conceived by Public and Social Policy Laboratory (Lappus) and carried out through a series of partner entities, the Project brings the artists Mona Caron and Mauro Neri, who will make the murals on the entire side of the building of the headquarters of the Autonomous Department of Highways (DAER-RS) and of the Attorney General of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (PGE-RS), on Avenida Borges de Medeiros, 1555.

The project also includes workshops held with young people from the periphery and local artists. Young people will be able to follow the building’s painting work and exchange knowledge with Mona and Mauro. Depending on the availability of time and resources, other smaller murals can be made in parallel in the city. Follow the Facebook page and the Lappus website to see how you can participate.

According to the artists, the aim of the project is to reaffirm the values ​​of caring for nature and all human beings equally, with aesthetically pleasing works of art that recall the agenda. The design proposal presents the native plant Justicia Gendarussa, also known as “quebra-demanda”, “quebra-tudo” or “wins everything”.

The artists explain that this is “a plant of resilience, resilience or even resistance, used by African-based religions, which grows in the arms of a figure that can be seen as a scale, but also a gesture of care. We are there. today, in this balance, in this dangerous choice”.

Design proposal to be carried out on the side of the DAER and PGE headquarters building (Avenida Borges de Medeiros, 1555) / Reproduction

According to Marcelo Sgarbossa, who is part of the Project’s organization, a relevant feature is the involvement generated between local and international artists, in addition to the more than 100 entities and individuals who supported the project. It also emphasizes that Porto Alegre already has similar works and muralist artists, even if not with the same size, and that this type of work represents an art that is democratic and accessible to the entire population.

“The idea is that this large mural will be the largest so far in the city. In addition to provoking reflections, the work will introduce Porto Alegre into the world circuit of large murals, such as São Paulo, New York and Paris, for example”, he says .

Objectives will be achieved through partnerships

According to the Project’s organization, the general objective of its realization is to stimulate local urban art, through reflections promoted by murals in the city’s buildings. As a result, there is the beautification of the space so that more people have access to public works.

It is also an objective to influence the community for contemporary reflections through the appreciation of urban art, as well as to promote the exchange of experiences with young people from the outskirts of Porto Alegre and local artists.

The institutional partnership between the government of the state of RS, the municipality of Porto Alegre, the PGE-RS and the DAER-RS allowed the execution of the mural in the aforementioned building. In addition, a series of partnerships with various institutions, associations and unions made it possible to raise the necessary resources to carry out the project. Anyone interested in contributing can help through the Pix key [email protected] More information on the website: https://lappus.org.

about the artists

Mauro Neri, also known as “Veracidade”, comes from the outskirts of São Paulo, is an educator, visual artist, co-responsible for the Imargem, Cartograffiti and Infograffiti movements, multidisciplinary art and education projects on the environment and the right to the city.

Graduated in a degree in Visual Arts, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Italy. Exhibits on the streets and institutions in Brazil and around the world. He held a live on Facebook demonstrating a little of the creative process of the project’s conception:

Conversation and presentation of the process of the layout and project of the mural in Porto Alegre, which I will do in November with the artist MONA CARON

Posted by Veracidade on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Mona Caron is a Swiss artist, based in San Francisco (USA), with a focus on large-scale mural paintings in public spaces. She has been invited to place public art commissions for city halls in the US, Europe, Asia and South America, and is also contracted by cultural institutions, architectural firms and developers. Mona also makes free works for popular communities, in contexts that help raise awareness of current problems.

In 2013, Mona was in Porto Alegre, as a guest of the 2O World Bicycle Forum. At that time, the idea arose of having a work by the artist in the DAER/PGE building, as it is a place of high visibility to the eyes of the entire population coming from the center towards the south of the city. Therefore, she waived payments for the work and proposed the complementary inclusion of Mauro Neri’s work along with her own.

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