“Unreasonable and worrying measure”, says union director

After the Scientific Committee of the Municipality of Rio recommend this week the return to classes fully in person, the Municipal Department of Education announced this Thursday morning (7) a calendar for the implementation of new rules for the return.

According to the secretariat, even with the end of the rotation scheme, students will still be able to choose between returning to the classroom or remaining in hybrid education. The measure provides for authorization for all educational establishments in the city.

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For Dorothea Frota Santana, director of the State Union of Education Professionals of Rio (Sepe), the measure is unreasonable and worrisome.

“Students all need to be vaccinated to return to school. The breach of protocols made by Eduardo Paes, who is now announcing the suspension of masks in public places, is worrying. The virus does not think about government decrees or orders, he settles down, if there is a gap, it’s gone”, the teacher told the Brazil in fact.

The secretariat’s measure establishes that the use of masks in schools remains mandatory, but suspends the recommendation of distancing, thus, the capacity of students in classes returns to that of before the pandemic.

“People who work in the classroom know what an agglomeration is. Even more so the public schools, with few employees that work with this monitoring of protection measures”, he adds.

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Going back to school is defended by the city government with the justification of improving the covid-19 indicators and the advancement of vaccination, especially in education professionals and students from 12 years of age. However, as Dorothea argues, the pandemic is not over.

“Many families are choosing not to send their children because they don’t feel safe with the protocols that don’t happen in many school units. We are following a school that shuts down every now and then with rooms full of covid cases. The pandemic is not over yet and governments are overriding safe protocols”, he concludes.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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