Union centrals pressure Arthur Lira for the withdrawal of

Representatives of trade union centrals held a meeting with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, pressing for the removal of PEC 32, the so-called “Administrative reform”, proposed by the federal government and by minister Paulo Guedes. The hearing was held in Brasília last Wednesday (4).

More than 20 directors of workers organizations were present to deliver a document with arguments and data contrary to PEC 32, built in debate by civil servants, unions and union centrals.

For the directors, the proposal harms the employees’ careers and does not meet the needs of society, which will be negatively affected.

“PEC 32 dismantles the public service precisely at a time of pandemic, in which the importance of fundamental social rights is evident, especially for the population that most needs it”, said Antonio Augusto Medeiros, president of the Union of Higher Education Servers of RS (Sintergs) and general secretary of the General Workers Center of Brazil (CGTB).

In his statement, the president of the Chamber claimed that the project was widely discussed among parliamentarians, a claim that the Sintergs leader contests. “A project of this nature needs to be debated with society, something that has not happened so far”, highlights Medeiros.

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During the meeting, which lasted an hour, deputy Alice Portugal appealed several times to the president of the Chamber to pressure the rapporteur to put the PEC 32 in debate. Deputy Erika Kokay, on the other hand, highlighted the social impact of this attack on public services, as the proposal disrupts social well-being. “The State serves to solve social problems. PEC 32 puts the State at the service of the ruler”, he warns.

According to deputy Paulo Sérgio Ramos Barboza, the administrative reform promotes the dismantling of the state structure and the transfer of public responsibilities to the private sector.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Katia Marko

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