Understand what the vaccination passport is under debate in the Chamber

The Municipality of Belo Horizonte is debating the need for the city hall to adopt the so-called vaccination passport. The measure would require the presentation of the vaccination card, physical or digital document, proving that the person took the doses against covid-19 available for their age, to attend public departments and closed places.

“It’s not fair to society that people who don’t want to get vaccinated put the lives of others at risk. For example, to enroll children in school, it is necessary to prove that they have a complete vaccination schedule, available for their age. This is because it is not allowed to put other children at risk”, argues Iza Lourença, councilor for Psol.

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More than 200 municipalities joined

In Minas Gerais, the vaccination passport was adopted by some cities, such as Juiz de Fora and Montes Claros, and has been debated in several others. According to Iza, across the country, there are more than 200 municipalities that have joined the measure as a way to encourage the vaccination of the population and contain the circulation of the virus. The passport, therefore, is not about forced vaccination, but about responsibility for choosing not to be vaccinated.

Belo Horizonte, on the 20th, increased the total capacity of fans in the stadiums to 50% and maintained the requirement to present a vaccination card with two doses against covid-19 or a negative test for the disease. In the beginning of the month, Mayor Alexandre Kalil (PSD) announced the end of the time restriction for bars, restaurants and snack bars.

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However, despite the measure used in football matches, the Municipality of Belo Horizonte (PBH) informed, in a note to Brasil de Fato MG, “that, at the moment, there is no forecast to adopt similar measures [ao passaporte da vacinação] in the municipality”. Also, according to the text, PBH emphasizes that “The main strategy for fighting the pandemic is the immunization of the population, according to the guidelines of the National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against covid-19, of the Ministry of Health”.

science opinion

According to the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz), as disclosed in the Covid-19 Observatory Bulletin on the 15th, the success in controlling the pandemic, at its current stage, requires high vaccination coverage associated with other measures such as the adoption of the vaccine passport and the use of masks.

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“Reducing the impact of the pandemic in a more lasting way will only be achieved with the intensification of the vaccination campaign, the adequacy of health surveillance practices, strengthening of primary health care, in addition to the broad use of individual protection measures, such as use of masks and physical and social distance. In addition to these measures, as we have already advocated in other bulletins, It is imperative that the vaccine passport be adopted as a public health strategy, unified at the national level, aiming to stimulate vaccination and collective protection”, says the document.

against denial

In addition to encouraging vaccination, the adoption of the passport, according to Councilwoman Iza, is a measure that confronts the anti-vaccination and anti-science movement caused by the government of Jair Bolsonaro. “Unfortunately, a policy that puts people in fear in relation to vaccination commands the country. And that has an impact on common people, because of the fake news network that is quickly spread,” he argues.

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For judge Bruno Terra Dias, Health Superintendent of the Court of Minas Gerais, the “deniers are there”, however there is a collective interest in containing and overcoming the disease caused by the coronavirus. “The right to come and go or the right to practice professionally is not affected here. What affects it is preventing the transmission of the virus to allow society to resume its normal course”, he says in an interview with the Via Justiça program.


At the Municipality of Belo Horizonte, a bill is being processed, which has not yet received a number, on the adoption of the vaccination passport in the municipality. Earlier this month, a request for the creation of a passport, made by councilors Iza and Bella Gonçalves, also from Psol, was sent to Alexandre Kalil. In addition to the bill, Iza says that another nomination to the mayor is currently being drafted on the subject, this time with signatures from more councilors.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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