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This Wednesday night (3), the São Vinícius Camp, located in Nova Ipixuna, in the southeast of Pará, was attacked by gunmen.

People were shot, vehicles burned and shacks destroyed. Children and elderly people were injured and some had to go to Marabá, about 59 kilometers from Nova Ipixuna, to receive specialized care. The number of wounded is not yet accurate.

:: CPT estimates nearly 1 million people involved in conflicts in the countryside, the highest number since 85 ::

The São Vinícius camp has approximately 70 families. The Municipal Rural Workers’ Union helped transport the wounded to the hospital in Nova Ipixuna.

According to Andréia Silvério, from the National Executive Coordination of the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), the institution had preliminary information about the attack last Wednesday night (3) and tried to call the Agrarian Conflicts Police Station (Deca), but it did not it was possible to make contact with the delegate, which made it difficult to react during the attack.

“We called the Agrarian Public Ministry and also the Public Security Secretariat with the support of the Human Rights Commission of the OAB and the SDDH. I believe that because of this articulation, Deca was determined to go to the area this morning [quinta (4)]”.

The CPT coordinator explained that the camp is not part of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST). “The camp is accompanied by the Rural Workers’ Union of Nova Ipixuna. The information that says that the area belongs to the MST is misleading.”

Despite having published the ordinance for the creation of the settlement, in 2002, Incra did not take any practical action. In 2014 families were evicted at the site / Nova Ipixuna Rural Workers’ Union

More than 10 years of conflict

This is not the first time that the residents of Acampamento São Vinícius have been victims of attacks. According to investigations by the Federal Public Ministry and the Pastoral Land Commission (CPT), the area in which the farm is located belongs to the Union, and, in 2002, the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra) even published ordinance for the creation of a settlement in the area, where the São Vinícius Camp is now located, but which was not intended for agrarian reform.

“It is an area that has been in conflict for approximately 10 years. The families are there, it is a federal public area and they are demanding the creation of a settlement project. there is no final decision, but the judge granted an injunction for repossession, which is a very questionable injunction because it is a public area, but he recognized a so-called ‘right to detain the area’ for the farmer. makes use of repossession to promote these actions”.

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However, the injunction (urgent and provisional) in favor of the Tinelli farm is questioned not only by the CPT, but also by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). In addition, in two inspections by Incra, the agency itself found that the occupying farmer uses public land for speculation, because technicians found that the property was being misused, was unproductive and was not fulfilling its social function. The information was collected by the MPF in an inquiry.

In addition to illegally occupying union land, which is a crime provided for by law, the farmer illegally sold 810 hectares of the area, committing other crimes,

No response from Incra

This Thursday (4), the MPF forwarded to the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra) information on what measures were taken by the agency to comply with the evaluation recommendation regarding the destination, for agrarian reform, of the Tinelli farm .

On October 18, the MPF recommended to the superintendence of the National Institute for Colonization and Agrarian Reform (Incra), in the south of Pará, the possibility of allocating the Tinelli farm for agrarian reform, but so far no measures have been taken to implement the project.

O Brazil in fact contacted Incra and is awaiting a position from the agency.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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