UFMG promotes an online workshop on indigenous knowledge and plants

The UFMG Knowledge Space project, from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, promotes this Saturday (13), from 10 am, the workshop “Indigenous knowledge and plants in my backyard”. The activity has a playful character, in addition to being online and free.

The event is part of Espaço em Rede, in which the Nucleus of Educational Actions and Accessibility proposes games about knowledge of medicinal plants as an invitation to exchange knowledge about indigenous cultures.

The workshop is an offshoot of the project that gave rise to the publication of the Indigenous and Ethnopharmaceutical Knowledge catalog, which presents research on the uses of medicinal plants and traditional knowledge of the Maxakali, Pataxó, Xakriabá and Yanomami peoples.

“Sharing personal stories and family memories allows us to create connective bonds between ourselves and the rich Brazilian culture. Indigenous knowledge and knowledge permeate generations and are present in our daily lives more than we imagine. Remember that tea made by the grandmother, in a family recipe? Well, know that it is related to the ethnopharmacological foundations”, informs the event note.

Aimed at the general public from the age of 10, the activity lasts one hour and will take place on the Zoom platform, with limited space. To register, you need to fill in a form.


Network Space | Virtual workshop “Indigenous knowledge and the plants in my backyard”
When: November 13th at 10am | Applications: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdUKGJm0JAHp7MoILDyTGDX2q7z–vLc1x4tuOyRwmoRUGtkw/viewform
Where: Zoom (link sent to subscribers by email)
Parental rating: from 10 years old
free activity

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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