UFMG and City Hall conduct research on the impacts of

The Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), in partnership with the Municipality of Belo Horizonte, is conducting a survey on Culture and Pandemic, with the objective of identifying the social and economic impacts of the pandemic on the cultural sector in Belo Horizonte.

The cultural sector was one of the first to interrupt pandemic activities

The work is part of the first stage of the 6th Municipal Conference on Culture of Belo Horizonte and will be conducted by the Directorate of Cultural Action at UFMG and by the Research Group on Economics of Culture of the Regional Planning and Development Center of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at UFMG ( Cedeplar).

The first stage of the research consists of listening to agents, groups and cultural spaces in the city through an electronic form until Friday (8).

Final report will be available to the entire population

The electronic form aims to contribute to the systematization of a diagnosis of the sector’s activities, before the covid-19 pandemic, in addition to collecting suggestions for the resumption of artistic-cultural activities.

Professor Ana Flávia Machado, coordinator of Cedeplar, says that secondary data will also be used to carry out the cultural mapping of the city.

“We will analyze data from secondary sources, such as the IBGE [Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística] and the Ministry of Economy, as well as data from the City Hall itself and online field research aimed at agents. The diagnosis arising from this analysis will support the discussions at the Municipal Conference on Culture, but, above all, point out possible paths for public policy in the field that will mitigate the effects of the pandemic and strengthen the potential of the artistic-cultural scene in the city”, he says.

Culture and Pandemic

Since the beginning of the new coronavirus pandemic, workers in the cultural sector face difficulties in guaranteeing their income. The sector was one of the first to interrupt its activities. Film sessions, music shows, premieres of plays, concerts and art exhibitions, among others, were suspended as soon as the virus arrived in the country.

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Final report will be made available to the population

Upon completion of the survey, a final report will be made available by the organizers for free consultation with the population. This report will contain information on the demands and perspectives of the cultural sector.

Source: BoF Minas Gerais

Edition: Elis Almeida

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