The premiere of “Marighella”, in an MST settlement, will have Wagner

After releases in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Ceará, the film “Marighella”, inspired by the life of the Bahian guerrilla Carlos Marighella, will have a special screening this Saturday (6) at the Jacy Rocha settlement, of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), in Prado, in the south of Bahia.According to the movement, 1,200 settlers will attend the premiere.

Before the screening of the film, the settlers will have a schedule of activities, including a plenary of the Peoples of Terreiro, Indigenous Peoples and Quilombolas, at 9 am. In parallel, there is the Agroecological Fair.

“People see in Marighella’s fight as her fight in Brazil today”, says Wagner Moura

Later, at 1:30 pm, two thousand trees will be planted in Bosque Marighella, which will open today. When he arrives at the settlement, at 5 pm, the director of “Marighella”, actor Wagner Moura, will also plant a seedling.

Actor José de Abreu will release his book “Abeurafia” at 4:30 pm. The artist will talk to the settlers about his trajectory and, also, about politics. Then, at 6:30 pm, the screening of “Marighella.”

After the film, the production team, led by Wagner Moura, will participate in a debate with the MST settlers. In addition to the director, the exhibition will include actor Bruno Gagliasso, who plays police chief Sérgio Paranhos Fleury, and Maria Marighella, the guerrilla’s granddaughter.

Edition: José Eduardo Bernardes

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