The Federal Comptroller General has men in 100% of the positions

The Comptroller General of the Union has only men in all of its senior positions. The survey was carried out by Brazil in fact from the information available in the “Authorities” section of the agency’s website. The positions of minister, executive secretary and secretaries were considered, in addition to the heads of the Federal Office of the Inspector General and the Federal Ombudsman’s Office.

The highest post held by a woman in the administrative structure of the CGU is an assistant secretary. The auditor Luana Roriz Meireles is in the post at the Secretariat for Combating Corruption, which is headed by federal auditor João Carlos Figueiredo Cardoso. The executive secretary, the second most important position in the body, is occupied by José Marcelo Castro de Carvalho.

Who’s who at the top of the CGU:

Wagner Rosary, minister;

José Marcelo Castro de Carvalho, executive Secretary;

Felipe Dantas de Araújo, Legal Adviser;

Antonio Carlos Bezerra Leonel, head of the Federal Secretariat for Internal Control (SFC);

Roberto César de Oliveira Viégas, Transparency and Corruption Prevention Secretariat (STPC);

Gilberto Waller Junior, Inspector General of the Union;

Valmir Gomes Dias, General Ombudsman of the Union;

João Carlos Figueiredo Cardoso, head of the Anti-Corruption Secretariat (SCC).

During a session of the CPI on the Pandemic, last Wednesday (22), the minister of the CGU, Wagner Rosário, was accused of machismo when he uttered an offense against senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS). The head of the portfolio said the congresswoman was “totally unbalanced” and caused a stir with the senators. The deposition was closed after the case.

Clues raised by senators during the minister’s testimony point to a possible omission by the agency in the face of alleged fraud in the negotiation of the Covaxin vaccine between the Ministry of Health, Need Medicines and the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech.

In reaction, entities in the field of transparency policies made harsh criticisms of Rosário. The Open Government Institute (IGA), an organization made up entirely of women, released a statement in which it says that “the minister’s posture is in line with what is expected from a leader in the main internal control body.”

“In addition to the necessary autonomy to analyze, investigate and forward suspicions of corruption and ensure transparency and access to information, the Comptroller General of the Union has the role of guardian of the integrity of the processes and acts carried out by the federal government, being essential in preventing and combating corruption,” wrote the IGA.

The organization also pointed out the fact that the scene took place on the day that completed ten years of the international partnership for Open Government, the Open Government Partnership. The initiative brings together governments and organizations to promote policies of transparency, social participation and integrity.


In an article published on September 16, the Brazil in fact showed that Rosário abandoned the label of “technical” minister on which he relied to guarantee the position he has held since the administration of former president Michel Temer (MDB).

A Brazilian Army soldier, he graduated from the Agulhas Negras Military Academy, where President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) also studied. Rosário came to occupy the position of Captain before leaving the Force, after passing a competitive examination for federal auditor, in 2008.

The minister assumed the temporary role of minister in the Temer administration, in May 2017, after the resignation of Torquato Jardim. The first auditor to hold the highest office in the portfolio, Rosário increasingly shows his unconditional adherence to radical pocketnarism.

On the night of September 6, the day before the Independence Day demonstrations, he praised protesters who invaded the Esplanada dos Ministérios. On the occasion, he posted a message on social networks at night with a video showing a group at the location, in the stretch closest to the bus station. You can hear a man’s voice saying “released the barrier.”

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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