Teachers Union Presses for Inflation Replacement

The direction of the Center for Teachers of the State of RS (CPERS-Sindicato) hopes that, this Friday (17), the state government accepts the proposal to replace inflation of 46.7% in salaries in the category. The information comes from the second vice president of the union, Edson Garcia, right after the public class in honor of the Centenary of Paulo Freire held this Tuesday morning (14).

The act was held at the entity’s headquarters because of the rain that fell during the morning in Porto Alegre. In the afternoon, the educators resumed their vigil at Praça da Matriz, where Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB) was received with the sound of bells soon after having delivered the Annual Budget Law project (LOA 2022) to the Legislative Assembly.

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On the way out, Leite was approached by the president of CPERS-Sindicato, Helenir Aguiar Schürer, who reminded him of his commitment to education workers scheduled for the 17th. “We need salary replacement. We are going to close seven years with no appreciation of the category. Everything is going up. Today our salary is basically for food. We have cases of teachers with blackouts and no resources to pay the rent. The situation in public education is chaotic, we can’t wait any longer,” she told the governor. He made a commitment to follow the negotiating table and welcome the union after next Friday’s hearing.

Public Classroom in honor of Paulo Freire’s centenary / Photo: Maí Yandara/ CPERS-Sindicato

Audience reinforces hope

According to Garcia, the union has a meeting scheduled for September 17, at 2 pm, with the Special Advisory Group (GAE), the State Education Department (Seduc), the Finance Department (Sefaz) and the Civil House. The second vice president recalled that since January 2015, workers have not even had the Inflation replacement and that the salary base is R$1,200 for teachers with 20-hour weekly contracts and R$600 for others workers with the same hours.

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He also explained that in addition to this low salary, the government created a subsidy to supplement salaries, but “at the same time, it took away all the values ​​of our advantages, our three-year periods, our bonuses for years of service”. He also stated that it is the mobilizations that guarantee the negotiation meetings.

“I hope that this meeting on the 17th is effectively to put into practice and fulfill our request, which is more than reasonable.” However, he said that they are afraid when the governor takes a long time to receive them and when he does not meet the deadlines established in the negotiations. “We already had a hearing and he said he would see us in 15 days and it’s been a month. We hope to be included in the LOA vote for 2022.”

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The CPERS-Sindicato has 80,000 members and the total number of education workers in Rio Grande do Sul should reach just over 100,000, according to Garcia’s estimates.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Marcelo Ferreira

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