Teachers hold assembly with strike indicative in the

The Union of Teachers in the Federal District (Sinpro-DF) summoned the category of the education system to an Assembly, which takes place this Thursday (11), with a strike sign.

The workers will debate the return to 100% in-person classes which, according to the organization, were resumed without the guarantee of the maintenance of safety protocols against covid-19.

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In a statement, Sinpro-DF emphasizes that since the governor of the DF, Ibaneis Rocha (MDB), decided to resume 100% in-person classes, the system in force since the 3rd of March, the Union “has been trying to negotiate important points for the measures to be taken. health security are maintained in the school environment, as the covid-19 pandemic is not over yet”, he highlights.

According to data from Sinpro, until October 22, 136 public schools in the DF had registered at least one case of the disease.

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The entity claims that the decision taken by the local government was made without any dialogue with Sinpro-DF or even with school managers, “and ignores a serious scenario in public schools, with crowded classrooms and without adequate ventilation: perfect environment for the proliferation of the coronavirus”, he points out.

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in defense of life

The union entity informs that it presented proposals to the GDF for the creation of a Contingency Plan to minimize the effects of covid-19 in schools. However, “the GDF is unwilling to apply any type of strategy aimed at curbing possible outbreaks of covid-19 contamination in classrooms”, declares the union.

The Department of Education of the DF (SEDF) announced, one day after the full resumption of classes, that schools were identified with overcrowding due to excess enrollment in some units of the education network. According to the institution, “the problem will be solved”.

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On Tuesday (9), Sinpro-DF met with representatives of the Department of Education to discuss the matter. The union stressed the government’s need to guarantee adequate conditions for schools to comply with the secretariat’s guidelines.

security protocol

At the time, it was established that no classroom can have more students than the space holds, keeping the proper distance. In case of surplus, the school can work with alternating frequency.

Schools that do not meet the appropriate conditions must register their needs and limitations with the SEDF via SEI (Electronic Information System), so that action can be taken.

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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