Taxometer reaches R$1.5 trillion in taxes paid

The Impostometer, the São Paulo Trade Association (ACSP) meter of the tax burden on Brazilians, marked R$ 1.5 trillion in the early hours of today (1st). This is the amount that has been paid from day one in federal, state and municipal taxes.

In 2020, the same value was reached on September 28th, which shows that, this year, Brazilians are paying more taxes. According to ACSP, part of the increase in revenue is due to economic recovery, impacted by the crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The increase in the tax burden reflects the rise in the prices of products and services, thanks to the high inflation in recent months, especially in food. In a statement, ACSP reminds that the Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) accumulates high of 8.6% in twelve months and the General Price Index (IGP) of 33%.

Contrary to what common sense imagines, Brazil is not among the countries in the world that charges the most taxes, but among those that most tax the country’s poor population: Here, those who have less pay more.

This happens because the Brazilian tax burden is concentrated on indirect taxes, which consist of consumption taxes inserted in the prices of any and all goods. According to data collected by the National Association of Tax Auditors of the Federal Revenue (Anfip) and by the National Federation of State and District Tax (Fenafisco), 49.7% of the country’s taxes are collected in this way.

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*With information from Agência Brasil

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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