Suspected of having a journalist kidnapped and tortured, he is arrested and

Roraima state deputy Jalser Renier (Solidarity) is appointed by the police and the Public Ministry as the mastermind of a kidnapping followed by the beating of a journalist with a wooden stick, a crime that was allegedly carried out in October last year by police officers Military officer from that state at the behest of the congressman, in order to give an example of what can happen to those who publish criticisms and accusations against him.

The Civil Police of Roraima unraveled the crime, forwarded the completed inquiry to the Public Ministry, which in turn requested the Court and obtained the arrest of all those involved, including the deputy. This week, however, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), determined that the alleged principal was released. The reason: he’s a state deputy.

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On the night of October 26, 2020, journalist Romano dos Anjos, 40 years old and resident of the city of Boa Vista (RR), was kidnapped when he arrived at his home, driving his car. The bandits approached him, seized his car and took him away.

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He had his hands and feet tied and was hooded by the suspects. Romano spent the night getting beaten up by the outlaws and then was left under the shade of a tree in the Bom Intento region, in the capital of Roraima, where he remained unconscious for a few hours.

When he woke up on the morning of the 27th, he started walking and was found by a man who provided help and called the police. Chief Herbert Amorim, who spoke with the journalist from the place where he was found to the Hospital General de Roraima (HGR), said that, after being abandoned by the bandits, Romano managed to remove the blindfold with his arm and release the foot. At the HGR, he reported to doctors that he was severely beaten with sticks.

The result can be seen in the image stamped at the top of this page. Already the alleged mastermind of the crime follows as shown in the image below.

Deputy Jalser Renier: the authorities have no doubt that he ordered the kidnapping and beating of a journalist, but he is still on the loose / Disclosure

Four days after the kidnapping, the governor of Roraima, Antonio Denarium (PP), went to the Federal Police to ask the institution to investigate the crime, claiming that the journalist had quoted him in a statement to the Civil Police.

On January 28 this year, the PF in Roraima released a press release. The request for the initiation of an inquiry “was dismissed, not verifying elements that would subsidize any attribution of the Federal Police in the case.”

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The kidnapping continued to be investigated by the Civil Police, in secret from the courts. On September 16, Operation Pulitzer was launched, where seven suspects were arrested and 14 search and seizure orders were issued.

All are military police officers from the State of Roraima, with the majority working in the personal security of deputy Jalser Renier, who, at the time of the kidnapping, was president of the Legislative Assembly of Roraima.

On October 1st, Deputy Renier himself was arrested, after the Court considered that the evidence presented by the State Civil Police was strong enough to conclude that the congressman had been the mastermind of the crime against the journalist.

On the same day, two more colonels and a major from the Military Police of Roraima were also arrested, all in compliance with a court order. As the investigations point out, Deputy Renier created a veritable personal militia composed of military police, whose sole function was to assert his will and attack his political enemies.

The Public Ministry of Roraima thus describes, in the criminal proceedings, the alleged criminal conduct of the parliamentarian:

JALSER RENIER PADILHA: while he was President of the Legislative Assembly of Roraima, JALSER created the so-called SISO – Intelligence and Security Section and diverted its purpose to serve the personal purpose of spy on and stalk political opponents. Along with SISO, it created in ALE/RR a true militia, with intelligence experts, elite military officers and soldiers loyal to him (including members of his personal guard) for the purpose of serving his whims and intimidating his political opponents.

This militia was assigned to kidnap and torture the journalist ROMANDO DOS ANJOS in order to give him a “scare” and intimidate other journalists who might criticize deputy JALSER. There is testimony from military police officer Fernando dos Santos Silva, reporting that CLOVIS ROMERO (who is under arrest by order of this Court), who at the time was deputy JALSER’s security guard, had confided in him that the deputy had determined the “dark mission” of “passing a message” to the Roman journalist.

The crime against the journalist took place on 10.26.2020, and on 11.13.2020 it was determined by the State Governor Antônio Oliveira to create a Task Force to investigate the crime. Upon learning of the ordinance creating the Task Force, Deputy JALSER, along with Colonel PAULO CEZAR (investigated and arrested for the same fact) sought out the state governor to intimidate and threaten him.

This fact is also confirmed by the Secretary of Public Security, Edson Prola, who claimed to have received a visit from the General Delegate of the Civil Police, Herbert Amorim, accompanied by the Deputy General Delegate Eduardo Wayner, saying that JALSER had sought him out to interfere in the Task Force under pretext that “if this investigation continues, people will die”;

Since the deputy’s arrest, no new fact has surfaced to question the deputy’s intellectual authorship in relation to kidnapping and torture. Even so, he was released by decision of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) published last Thursday (7), even though the court itself has not expressed the slightest doubt about who was responsible for the kidnapping and torture of the journalist.

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The reason: is that, according to Minister Jesuíno Rissato, who made the decision, the arrest of the alleged principal was illegal. The magistrate upheld his understanding in a legal norm that prohibits a federal deputy from being arrested before the end of his trial in all judicial instances, except in the case of flagrante delicto – which was not the case of the deputy from Roraima.

Jalser is a state deputy, not a federal deputy, but the STJ minister said that, by analogy, the same law that grants special treatment to a parliamentarian of the Republic should be applied in the case under trial, as can be seen in an excerpt of the decision transcribed below:

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“The inviolability rules, typical of federal parliamentarians, are fully applicable at the state level, situation that is analogous to these records.. Thus, the decree of preventive detention for parliamentarians is not based on constitutionally authorizing elements – in particular, due to the lack of flagrante delicto in an unbailable crime. I understand the prison’s need for relaxation.”

Thus, Jalser Renier is on the loose, even though the police, the Public Ministry and the Justice itself understand that he is the intellectual author of the crime of kidnapping and torture of a journalist, exclusively because he is a deputy.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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