Students report school negligence in Curitiba (PR)

On September 21, a high school student at the state school Professor Guido Arzua, in the Sitio Cercado neighborhood, in Curitiba (PR), isolates himself at home due to the suspicion of covid-19. On the same day, her mother informs the fact in a message from Whatsapp for the pedagogical team and the school administration. He did not get feedback on what should be done, nor was the student’s class informed.

Two days later, with a positive test, the student delivers a certificate and sends messages to some friends in the class. Until then, no notice from the school. Other students who have had contact with the first to test positive begin to experience symptoms. On September 27, six days after the first case, they went to the direction requesting that they be released. According to reports from the students, the direction was resistant and, only after much insistence, it released those who requested it, keeping the class in a normal class. After that day, five more students tested positive.

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This report was made to the Brazil de Facto Paraná by students in the class with covid-19 outbreak. According to one of them, “only after much argument did the school team decide to release those who had the suspicion. It is noteworthy that all this occurred in a confidential manner by the board, which during all these days had not made any kind of communication to the school community.”

lack of orientation

A college student, who declined to be identified, tested positive after the first case and reiterates that there was a lack of guidance. “I was worried because I did teamwork with him [o primeiro a testar positivo]. We asked the class representative to request guidance from the direction. He ran around the school until someone said something. And the answer was that until then they had not been informed. Only after our request were we allowed to go home and take the test. Then five tested positive. Then a father went to school complaining about the lack of guidance. After this complaint, several days after the first case, they isolated our room for seven days”, he says.

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O Brazil de Facto Paraná contacted the principal of the school, Vanda Aparecida Torá dos Santos, who confirmed that the release of the students took place only after insisting. “The first student delivered the certificate on 9/23. He was an isolated student. The next day, everything went on in peace. But he spread it to the class that had tested positive. It’s okay for him to warn, we have nothing against it. On Monday, the students were all scared and came to talk to us. So, we called the parents to take them to be tested. Now, those who got it don’t sit close. I don’t admit that they say they took it from the room.”

The conduct adopted by the director, however, does not follow the guidelines given by the State Health Department (Sesa). In a guidance note to schools (No. 03/2021), the secretariat emphasizes that “it is essential that suspected or confirmed cases of covid-19 in the school environment are identified as early as possible” and that “in the event of one or more cases in which those involved live in the same classroom and have not had contact with other classes, the in-person classes in this room must be suspended for 10 DAYS, counting from the last day of contact with the covid-19 case.” And also that: “The decision to close one or more classrooms, or even the Education Institution as a whole, must be made in a timely manner and, therefore, does not require waiting for the publication of specific normative acts for this order issued by health agencies.”

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Asked about the conduct of the school’s management, in a note, the press office of the State Department of Education (Seed) said that “classes in a class should be suspended when there is one or more positive cases in the class. The school board received confirmation of the positive test on Friday, at the end of the day, and suspended classes from the following Monday.” However, the principal informed that the student had delivered the certificate on Thursday.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Frédi Vasconcelos and Lia Bianchini

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