Students charge Capes for payment of scholarships overdue in

The National Union of Students (UNE) held an act last Thursday (21) in front of the headquarters of the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes), in Brasília, to collect payment for the Institutional Scholarship Program scholarships Teaching Initiation (Pibid) and Pedagogical Residency for Brazilian university students.

According to UNE, unpaid benefits impact more than 60,000 students across the country.

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“Thousands of students help with their families’ income. The internship and study grants are an important part of this process, even though the value of the grants has not been readjusted for years, they still put food on the table of many Brazilian families”, the organization published on its social networks.

For the general coordinator of the Central Directory of Students of the University of Brasília and director of the UNE, Adda Luisa, the cut in scholarships impacts the permanence of students in universities.

“Once again, we are here to denounce the crimes that this government is doing against Brazilian education and against students. It is very important that all students who are here and that the Student Movement commit to defending the scholarships and restoring the university budget, and also by the end of EC 95, which means that we do not have a budget for education in that country,” he pointed out.

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During the act, the UNE filed a letter demanding an urgent meeting with the Presidency of Capes, requesting clarification about the lack of payment of the scholarships.

In response to the Brazil de Facto DF about the delay and perspective of payment of the scholarships, Capes informed, through the Press Office, which is being processed in the Mixed Budget Commission of the National Congress, the Bill 17/2021, authored by the Presidency of the Republic. “After the funds are released, payments will be made in a few days, with maximum urgency.”

The Bill “opens to the Fiscal and Social Security Budgets of the Federal Government, in favor of various bodies of the Executive Branch and Official Credit Operations, a supplementary credit in the amount of R$ 4,113,646,125.00, to reinforce the provisions contained in the Current Budget Law”. On the Congress website there is still no information on when the discussion of the PLN will be taken to the Plenary.

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Source: Federal District BdF

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