SP: Strike against extinction of state-owned Proguaru is suspended after

The longest strike in the history of civil servants in Guarulhos (SP) was suspended this Thursday afternoon (14), after 25 days. The purpose of the mobilization is to reverse the extinction of the public company Proguaru, specialized in urban cleaning services, building works and infrastructure.

Law 7879, of December 2020, authorized the closure of Proguaru alleging that the company would cause financial losses to the municipality. The alternative chosen by the City Hall was the outsourcing of services.

The study on which this decision was based, hired by the City Hall without a bidding process, is questioned by the strikers. Two of them, Eliana Maria de Oliveira and Raul Campos Nascimento, who are part of the Proguaru workers’ commission, formalized a request for the impeachment of Mayor Guti (PSD).

The complaint points out, among other irregularities, that the study was “carried out in a hurry, with previously induced results, and without the minimum of detail and exemption.”

Also according to the document, data on Proguaru’s revenues would have been disregarded in the audit, in order to show a more serious situation than the real one.

O Brazil in fact he was unable to contact the mayor’s office to comment on the case.

Next steps

The Regional Labor Court of the 2nd Region (TRT-SP) considered the strike movement as legal. Days not worked until October 6th will not be discounted – the rest will depend on negotiation.

In addition to avoiding damage to public servants, the justification for suspending the strike is that a space for dialogue of the proposals directly with the City Hall was guaranteed.

On Thursday, the strikers elected two representatives to participate in the negotiation tables between the Guarulhos Servants Union (Stap) and the government. The first round takes place on Friday (15).

“The lesson we take from all of this is that fighting always works. We fought hard, put 2,000 people on the streets, and now we’ve suspended the strike, we haven’t ended it”, emphasizes Raul Campos Nascimento, representative of the workers’ commission.

The central demand continues to be the reversal of the layoffs and the extinction process at Proguaru. If this is not possible, workers seek better conditions for all employees who have lost their jobs – even if they are hired through public examinations.

With the strike suspended, the servers will maintain leafleting activities and dialogue with councilors. They are also studying to call a march for Saturday (16).

Proguaru is the largest employer in the city, with nearly 5,000 workers. According to data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), Brazil has more than 14 million unemployed.

After eight months of struggle, the workers of Guarulhos managed to take to the Regional Electoral Court (TRE) more than 10,000 signatures against the extinction of the company, enough to call a municipal popular referendum on the subject. The process has been under analysis at TRE since August.

Edition: Anelize Moreira

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