Solemn session honors 18 black personalities

The City Council of Curitiba (CMC) held, this Wednesday night (17), a solemn session to honor 18 personalities of the black population of the capital of Paraná.

At the initiative of councilors Carol Dartora (PT), Renato Freitas (PT) and Herivelto Oliveira (Citizenship), the tribute is part of the celebrations of Black Consciousness Day (November 20th).

The first black woman elected as councilor in Curitiba in the 2020 elections, Carol Dartora opened the session recalling the importance of democratizing spaces of power. “It’s great to get here today and see the face of the Brazilian population,” he said, referring to the plenary occupied by the evening’s honorees.

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The councilor also reaffirmed the history of achievements of the black population, which is little told. “Our history does not begin with slavery. Our history begins in Africa, with kings and queens, with civilizations that dominated science,” he stated.

Renato Freitas, in his speech, insisted on celebrating one by one of his honorees, telling their stories. “the bases it’s where we came from, the little dirt streets, where people wake up early and face the extermination camp [que é o Brasil]“, he said.

Also elected in 2020, the councilor pointed out the lack of visibility to the history of the black population in the capital of Paraná. “Who built this place where we are sitting? Whoever presided over is there on the plaque, it’s easy to see, has a street name and all that. But who built this floor, this space? The Chamber, literally, is ours,” he said .

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The only one among black councilors in the Chamber who is not a “newcomer”, Herivelto Oliveira drew attention to the erasure of the black population of Curitiba.

A journalist for 35 years, the councilor holds a master’s degree at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), with research on black invisibility in the media.

“This plenary shows that black people are there. When we realize that black people are there and still not being shown, it means that something is wrong,” he pointed out.

The session also featured artistic presentations by Day Paixão, Laudiceia Rodrigues Gomes and Mano Cappu.

Plenary occupied by black personalities from Curitiba / Photo: Rodrigo Fonseca/CMC


Each of the organizers chose six personalities from the black population to honor this year.

Carol Dartora nominated Angela Elizabeth Sarneski, Dirléia Aparecida Matias, Dora Lúcia de Lima Bertúlio, José Mathias de Oliveira, Leonildo José Monteiro Filho and Mano Cappu.

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Councilor Herivelto Oliveira chose to highlight Day Paixão, Paulo Rodolfo Rio Branco, Roberta Kisy Lourenço, Sandro Luís Fernandes, Tatiana Schmidt and Túlio Tobias.

Renato Freitas paid homage to Adriana Pereira de Oliveira, Jetron Pereira de Azevedo, Junia Celle da Costa Silva, Laudiceia Rodrigues Gomes, Maria de Lurdes and Regina Célia Mendes.

Source: BoF Paraná

Edition: Lia Bianchini

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