Socialist militant Eleanor Marx, daughter of Karl, wins

Socialist activist Eleanor Marx, the youngest daughter of Jenny and Karl Marx, receives for the first time a biography translated and published in Brazil. Eleanor Marx: a life is signed by the English historian Rachel Holmes, who also biographed the suffragist Sylvia Pankhurst and Sarah Baartman, an African woman originally from the Khoi group, enslaved, and one of the victims of scientific racism.

The translation is by the publisher Expressão Popular, in partnership with the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions (ANDES-SN). An online debate about the publication marks the book’s launch this Thursday (5). The transmission starts at 20:00 on YouTube and social networks of Expressão Popular.

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The purpose of the publication is to highlight the trajectory of women who, while still alive, became a reference for the working class, but remains relatively unknown among Brazilians. The youngest member of a single family, Eleanor Marx was the living legacy of the socialist struggles that preceded her.

Cover by Eleanor Marx: A Life / Reproduction / Popular Expression

Her unique contributions to feminism from a socialist perspective and outstanding internationalist militancy are recounted with the help of translators Letícia Bergamini Souto, Lia Urbini and Cecilia Farias.

“The interesting thing in this biography is to observe how, proportionally, issues such as the unrecognized son of Marx or the work overload arising from dealing with the inequality in the division of reproductive labor – in the case of women in the family – appear as unavoidable, but, at the same time, they do not belittle, victimize or demonize those involved. They are there, with a lot of other extraordinary and innovative experiences”, highlight the researchers.

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Born in January 1855, Eleanor Marx has established herself throughout her 43 years of life as an important socialist feminist figure. He invested in grassroots work by producing pamphlets, translating assemblies and teaching.

“She organized fundraisers for parties and unions, strengthened key campaigns such as the Chicago martyrs’ liberation campaign, and gave a multitude of public speaking engagements about the world of work and the socialist perspective,” added the translators.

Rachel Holmes’ work was chosen because it is the most recent and incorporates documents and information that were not available at the time of other research. Rich in details and with accessible language, it innovates by not taking for granted the hypothesis that Eleanor’s life was ended by suicide.

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“The biography has a fluid and captivating writing and presents us with the vibrant trajectory of a militant who was involved body and soul in the main issues of the left at the time, covering a multiplicity of action fronts”, assess the translators.

The release of Eleanor Marx: a life in Brazil, in Portuguese, meets the contemporary Marxist feminist struggle and contributes to the public debate that has been built in recent years.

Service – Launch Debate

When: 05/08, at 20h

Where: live on YouTube and social networks of Editora Expressão Popular


576 pages

popular expression

Format: 16×23

1st edition: June 2021

ISBN 978-65-5891-029-9

Price: BRL 60.00

Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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