Sixth round of Emergency Assistance starts this week

Next Saturday (18) the payment of the sixth installment of Emergency Aid 2021 will begin. The first to be covered are the beneficiaries of Bolsa Família. The calendar for those who are not part of Bolsa Família foresees the deposit of the sixth installment from September 21 for those born in January.

Round conclusion

Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive payment based on the regular calendar of the social program, organized by the final digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS).

At the same time, another calendar is being established for informal workers enrolled in the Federal Government’s Cadastro Único (Cadúnico).

The forecast is for this round to end on September 30 for those registered with Bolsa Família. For those who signed up to receive 2021 Emergency Aid, the completion of deposits in the Digital Social Savings account must be made on October 3rd, while the release of cash on October 19th.

Check the calendars:

Subscribers to Bolsa Família:

The organization of the calendar for those enrolled in Bolsa Família is based on the month of birthday / Caixa Econômica Federal

Credit for non-members of Bolsa Família:

Subscribers to CadÚnico can use credit for payments and other online services / Caixa Econômica Federal

Withdrawal for non-members of Bolsa Família:

The release in kind is made after the credit calendar / Caixa Econômica Federal

Reduction of aid

The Bolsonaro government followed the opposite path from the agendas of popular movements and kept the amount of emergency aid reduced in this year of 2021. Amid the economic crisis aggravated by the new coronavirus pandemic, the benefit was reduced from R$ 600 to R$ 1,200 last year to an average of R$250 this year.

The reduction took effect from April this year, with payment limited to only one person per family.

Learn more: Bolsonaro reduces the amount of emergency aid and excludes $22.6 million from the benefit

The increase in aid is one of the agendas of the protests that have taken place since May across the country calling for the end of Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) government.

Brazil registers 19 million people suffering from hunger, according to 2020 data from the Brazilian Research Network on Food and Nutritional Sovereignty and Security (Penssan).

Edition: Daniel Lamir

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