Short film “Grão” will be released on Youtube and debated

This Friday (22), via the MST’s YouTube channel, the short film “Grão” will be presented, with the right to chat with producers and guests such as João Pedro Stédile and Leonardo Boff. Written and directed by Adriana Miranda, produced by Mayu Filmes, “Grão” presents “a poetic look at the struggle of families in the state of Mato Grosso, who resist the poisons, brutality and power of agribusiness with work, strength and faith” .

As this is a documentary film, the characters are real. As Miranda explains, they are “men and women who, through agroecology, find the way to healthy food, collective work and life in communion”.

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The director maintained her first contact with the territory of the Roseli Nunes settlement, in Mirassol D’Oeste, Mato Grosso, when she recorded one of the episodes of the series “Tempo da Terra”, shown by Canal Futura. Back to the territory, the reconnection: “We wanted to show more than it was possible to show in the series, it was necessary to go back and talk freely about the theme, without the ties of the television format, without censorship, without any limitation, talking about the land, the people and even the MST, in a way that we could not speak before”.

The idea was proposed and it was good. Resources had to be sought and, through supporters – Misereor, DKA Austria, Center for the Defense of Human Rights of Petrópolis and Welthaus – this was made possible. Mixing the words of the narrator herself, the settler Miraci Pereira da Silva, excerpts from the books “Poemas Sem Terra” (Carlos Pronzato) and “Aguia ea Galinha” (Leonardo Boff), with testimonials from other residents of the territory, the film was composed by dividing its almost 15 minutes of duration into three acts: seed, interconnectivity and struggle.

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Mrs. Miraci, demonstrating her daily tasks, of taking care of the land and seeds, during the recording of the film / Publicity

reconnect path

“I’ve always had a lot of connection with the land, I grew up having contact with the things of the land”, recalls Adriana, situating the recent experience in the series “O Tempo da Terra” as a reimmersion in the theme. Still recalling the experience lived in the settlements, the storyteller’s vocation is urgent in wanting to share what she had known: “I went to the settlements for the first time and I was impressed by how things work, how there is no hunger there, how everything is collective, this reconnected me with the land issue”, he says.

Shown, applauded and awarded at international festivals – such as Cine del Cono Sur (Chile), Festival International du Film de Nancy (France), Social Justice Film Festival (United States), Award Best Short Film and Buenos Aires International Film Festival (Argentina) -, “Grão” already proves that it was sown in good soil, cultivated by skillful hands. It offers those who are willing to assist it with the symbolic and agro-ecological fruits of this crop.

“This brings the idea that we are connected, it is a thought that goes beyond borders, this thought of returning to agroecology, to Mother Earth, betting on the path of reconnection, so that people wake up and so that we have a habitable planet in the future for our children and grandchildren”, he concludes.

watch the trailer

To watch the launch and the chat, on Friday (22), at 7pm, click here.

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