School community performs an act against arbitrary management in

Last Saturday (30), the school community of Capão Redondo, a district belonging to the Campo Limpo sub-prefecture, in the southwest region of São Paulo (SP), held a demonstration in front of the Samuel Wainer state school.

The protesters claim that the current school management is intransigent and does not dialogue with parents, teachers and students.

“We ask for the return of democratic management, the end of bullying against teachers, the lack of employees at the school for the adoption of protocols against covid-19”, emphasizes history teacher José Guedes.

Participating in the act, he has been teaching at the educational unit for 10 years and says that, for two years, the relationship became unsustainable.

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“We, the teachers, the students and the parents, decided to make this demonstration because we are outraged and disgusted with the lack of dialogue on the part of the management with the group of teachers and with the group of the school community, and we made this demonstration to mark the community that we’re not going to accept that anymore,” he said.

The protesters point out that the lack of dialogue was evidenced by the lack of accountability by the school administration and the decision to paint the boys’ bathroom blue and the girls pink, which for José Guedes is an affront to the role of school to welcome and promote diversity. Another focus of the demonstration is the possible closing of the night shift at the unit.

“It was not a completely consensual world, but it was always democratic where opinions were exchanged on all educational, general, pedagogical and specific topics, and there are two that this does not happen”, highlights Guedes.

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Before the act held last Saturday (30), the claims were discussed and agreed upon in an assembly with the school’s administrative and pedagogical body.

Next Wednesday (3), a meeting between parents, teachers and a representative of the school will discuss the points raised by teachers.

What did the São Paulo Department of Education say?

The Secretariat of Education of the State of São Paulo (Seduc-SP) informs that it maintains a dialogue with the entire network, through its education boards, and that it values ​​communication with the school community and transparency in all management. The South 3 Education Board held a meeting with the teacher who was in front of the demonstration, last Friday (29) to clarify the facts.

The Ministry clarifies that the Samuel Wainer State School remains with open night classes and ensures the continuity of safety and prevention protocols for covid-19 already known, in the mandatory resumption of on-site activities in this and all other schools in the network, such as : use of mask, provision of soaps and gel alcohol to keep hands clean, ventilated environments, inlet flow and alternative intervals, temperature measurement for everyone – considered fundamental strategies for controlling the virus in the school environment.

Seduc-SP and the Education Board remain at the disposal of parents, guardians and students for any clarification.

Edition: Leandro Melito

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