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The State Council for Human Rights (CEDH) and the State Council for Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security (Consea), both from Rio Grande do Sul (RS), issued a Joint Recommendation in favor of occupying an abandoned property (unused and without social function) on Avenida Azenha, in Porto Alegre (RS). Access the full document here.

The occupation was coordinated by the Movement of Homeless Workers (MTST) last Sunday morning (26) and aimed to set up a “Solidarity Kitchen”. Donations are being received at the site and meals are being prepared for people and families living on the streets and in extreme social vulnerability.

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Members of the occupation fear an eviction action from the Solidarity Kitchen in the coming days. As there is already a favorable decision to vacate the public property, there is an expectation of a visit by a court official communicating the decision at any time.

In this sense, the Joint Recommendation of CEDH-RS and Consea-RS asks the Court to take into account that abandoned public buildings must fulfill some socio-environmental function, and cannot remain in the state they were in.

In this way, the Recommendation requests that the permanence of the kitchen be guaranteed in the place, so that it continues to help in “confronting the social and economic consequences of the covid-19 pandemic, such as hunger and social helplessness”. It also recommends that the Justice prioritize mediation in the conduct of the case and that representatives of CEDH-RS and Consea-RS be called to the negotiations.

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To make this recommendation, both entities were based on a series of considerations, such as the fact that the Union had already filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court of RS to discuss the ownership of this same property, at the time it tried to allocate the even for popular housing.

The Recommendation also highlights the serious fact that the lawsuit filed by the Federal Government seeks to summon any lawyers or lawyers who defend the occupants of the property where the Kitchen Solidarity operates, stating that this request may constitute “an attempt to trigger the Judiciary Branch with the intention of judicial harassment and criminalization of human rights defenders, in particular the right to be free from hunger and the right to housing, both provided for in the Constitution of the Republic”.

How to help

According to Eduardo Osório, from the coordination of MTST RS, the Solidary Kitchens project is maintained through voluntary support. Those who want to collaborate can deliver food directly to the property located at Avenida Azenha, 1018. Donations to Solidarity Kitchens can be made through or through PIX [email protected], sending the receipt to WhatsApp (51) 99345-1749.

Source: BdF Rio Grande do Sul

Edition: Katia Marko

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