RJ: viralized on the networks, video denounces aggression

A video that has been circulating on social networks since last Sunday (25) shows a black street vendor with a bruised and bleeding face, during an approach by the Municipal Guard of Rio de Janeiro. The episode took place in the neighborhood of Ipanema, south of the city.

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In the video, amidst the confusion, the mate seller himself, named André dos Santos Mury, and people around him denounce that the agents beat him and used stun guns in an extremely violent approach.

“They beat him for free and now they want to take him away. He was selling his stuff. I saw it all,” says one of the unidentified people in the video that accompanied the episode.

It is possible to see in the images recorded by journalist Guga Noblat, a Municipal Guard car parked in the middle of the street, while three agents try to get on top of the street vendor and are pulled apart by people trying to contain the onslaught. It is still possible to identify the sound of stun gun and screams.

The video also shows that even with the protest of the people who accompanied the scene, the agents continued to try to surround and take the street vendor to the police station. In the end, the agents leave and André is helped.

The publication on the journalist’s page of the Twitter accumulates more than 3,700 shares and 12 thousand likes. See below:


At the Facebook, Rio councilor Chico Alencar (Psol) published the images accompanied by a text in which he denounced the action of the Municipal Guard. In the publication, the congressman still questions the possibility of the use of weapons by agents – a proposal defended by the current mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD).

“We are going to investigate the circumstances of the aggression, but, beforehand, we want to emphasize that absolutely nothing justifies such violence. Our mandate is calling GM and the City of Rio to demand the investigation of the facts and the accountability of the agents involved, in addition to reparation for moral and material damages. We are also going to send the case to the Human Rights Commission of the City Council and Alerj so that they can provide assistance to the victim, and file a Representation with the Public Ministry requesting an investigation”, says the text.

Wanted by Brazil in fact, the Municipal Guard of Rio informed through a note that after learning about the images, its Internal Affairs Unit was immediately activated and an investigation was opened on the conduct of the municipal guards in the event.

According to the agents’ version, disclosed in the note, the episode would have happened during an approach to suspected theft and the street vendor would have gotten involved and offended the agents. Also according to the Guard, he would have resisted the approach and fought the guards. In the video, however, witnesses deny any kind of violent approach to the street vendor.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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