RJ: Deputy questions the transport regulatory agency about

State deputy Flávio Serafini (Psol-RJ) sent an official letter to the Rio de Janeiro public transport regulatory agency (Agetransp) so that it can take the appropriate measures in relation to the overcrowding that has been occurring on the platforms and on the journeys of barges crossing the crossing. Rio-Niterói and on trips to Ilha de Paquetá.

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The congressman cited Law 8.800/2020 and State Decree 47.128/2020, both on measures related to public transport operations in the period of fighting the covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of preventing the contamination of the population of Rio de Janeiro during displacements.

“We ask Agetransp to carry out inspection actions in order to ensure compliance with these legal provisions and publish on its website the notices referring to any non-compliance,” said the deputy.

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Serafini asked the agency to promote the expansion of the number of trips in the CCR Barcas concessionaire’s system. Article 8 of the decree determines that “it shall be incumbent upon the State Department of Transport, Agetransp and Detro, by their own act, to carry out any and all changes in the operation that will adapt the movement of people in the various modes of transport for the period that lasts the emergency, as well as its possible extension”.


Serafini criticized the conduct that the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro (PSC), in relation to the measures against covid-19. According to him, Castro is a pocket scientist who continues to disrespect the sanitary norms imposed by the state government to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“No wonder that the pandemic has killed so much in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro has become the epicenter of new variants of covid. The level of irresponsibility of businessmen and authorities is enormous. The pandemic has not ended. Although vaccination has advanced, the number of contagion remains very high and people continue to die,” stated the deputy.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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