Rio has 168 buildings listed for privatization at auction

This Friday (27), the Ministry of Economy launched the “Feirão de Imóveis SPU+” in Rio de Janeiro. The event organized by the Special Secretariat for Privatization is, in fact, a new modality for the sale of federal properties in which any person, natural or legal, can present a proposal for the purchase of any property belonging to the Federal Government.

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During the event, a list of buildings, lots, apartments and land pre-approved for privatization was presented. In all, 168 units were offered in Rio de Janeiro, according to information from the newspaper Extra. The number is lower than the 300 initially released by the government, but it has important constructions.

Among them, the A Noite building, which housed Rádio Nacional, in Praça Mauá, in the center of Rio; the Mercadinho São José, a traditional public market located in Laranjeiras, in the south of Rio, and the former headquarters of Ancine, on Avenida Graça Aranha, in the central region of the city.

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Capanema Palace

According to the Special Secretary for Privatization, Divestment and Markets at the Ministry of Economy, Diogo Mac Cord, informed the portal G1, no purchase proposal was presented for the Palácio Capanema, located in the center of Rio.

Questioned, he said that the building would not receive approval in the face of any offer. The building appears on the list of buildings offered for sale, even after protests against the action in recent weeks.

The demonstrations even mobilized the governor of Rio de Janeiro, Cláudio Castro (PL), who pledged to ask Economy Minister Paulo Guedes not to sell the building.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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