Rio de Janeiro wins Municipal Defense Council and

The municipality of Rio will have a municipal council to defend religious freedom and fight crimes of intolerance. Law No. 7,049/2021, which was sanctioned by Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) and published in the Official Gazette this Tuesday (28), institutes the Municipal Council for the Defense and Promotion of Religious Freedom (COMPLIR).

Composed of representatives of the government and civil society and under the coordination of the Municipal Social Assistance Secretariat (SMAS), the agency will propose public policies, guidelines, norms, instruments and priorities for the promotion and protection of religious freedom and combating intolerance in city ​​of Rio de Janeiro.

Among its attributions, the Council shall also promote the development of social, economic, educational and cultural actions, research and information campaigns on religious freedom and the fight against intolerance.

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One of the authors of the proposal, the leader of the government in the House, councilor Átila A. Nunes (DEM), believes that, due to a lack of knowledge, or of mechanisms by the government itself, there is often a naturalization of the violations suffered.

“Cases of religious intolerance are increasing in Rio and, many times, they do not reach the judiciary or the public authorities, either due to the lack of knowledge of the right to religious freedom or the appropriate channels for denunciation. On the other hand, the Public Power is not yet fully equipped with informative and conceptual elements to better meet these demands, which may end up disqualifying them, not allowing more adequate responses to these cases”, he reinforces.

The proposal, approved by the Rio City Council, is authored by councilors Átila A. Nunes (DEM), Teresa Bergher (Citizenship) and Prof. Célio Lupparelli (DEM).

intolerance in numbers

In total, the police stations of the Secretariat of Civil Police of the state of Rio made 1,355 records of the occurrence of crimes that may be related to religious intolerance in 2020, that is, more than three cases a day. This context also includes cases of injury due to prejudice (1,188 victims); and prejudice based on race, color, religion, ethnicity, and national origin (144).

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The crimes of racial injury, cult outrage and racism can be reported at any police station. The state of Rio de Janeiro also has the Precinct for Combating Racial Crimes and Crimes of Intolerance (Decradi), which specializes in assisting victims of racism, homophobia and religious intolerance. The unit is located in downtown Rio, at Rua do Lavradio, nº 155. Registrations can also be made by the Online Police Department of the State Secretariat of Civil Police.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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