Rio de Janeiro: registration for the “Traditional Peoples” notice

The State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy of Rio de Janeiro (Sececrj) launches this Saturday (20) the notice “Povos Tradicionais Presente RJ”. In all, R$ 5 million will be invested to reward projects in this cultural segment.

The public notice will award 123 awards, divided as follows: 35 projects by legal entities, in the amount of R$80 thousand each, and 88 proposals by individuals, in the amount of R$25 thousand each.

“This public notice comes to strengthen an essential segment for the culture of the state and the country, as a result of the identification we made in previous public notices, where there was not a great adhesion. This is the first time in history for a public call from the state specifically to traditional peoples. We are going to celebrate and crown the rich and plural cultural manifestation of the entire territory of Rio de Janeiro”, stated the Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy, Danielle Barros.

Who can apply?

The following are considered traditional peoples for this notice: indigenous peoples, quilombola communities, peoples and communities of terreiros and communities of African origin, gypsies, artisanal fishermen, extractivists, coastal and marine extractivists, caiçaras, faxinalenses, faith healers, islets, healers, geraizeiros, caatingueiros, vazanteiros, veredeiros, ever-living flower pickers, pantaneiros, morroquianos, Pomeranian people, mangaba gatherers, babassu coconut breakers, Araguaia retreaters, communities of bottom and pasture closures, riverside dwellers, cipozeiros, andirobeiros and caboclos.

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Cultural events will be accepted in the areas of music, dance, theater, circus, audiovisual, reading and literature, museum and memory, cultural heritage, visual and visual arts, fashion and gastronomy, using State Law No. 8266/18 as a parameter.

How to participate

Enrollment starts tomorrow (20) and ends on January 4 through Sistema Desenvolvimento Cultura.

Each person can register only one project in this notice (also valid in the case of CNPJ). There is no impediment to the participation of those who have already signed up for a previous Sececrj notice.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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