Rio de Janeiro registers an increase of 50% in cases of variant

In 10 days, the cases of patients with the delta variant increased 50% in the state of Rio de Janeiro, according to the genomic surveillance program of covid-19, of the State Department of Health (SES). The variant is pointed out by experts as more contagious.

In the SES bulletin, released on July 23, the delta accounted for 16.62% of records, against 78.36% of the gamma variant. In the analysis released last Tuesday (3), the numbers rose to 26.09% and 66.58%, respectively.

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Thus, one in four cases of covid-19 in the state is from delta. In the previous balance, the average was one patient in six with the variant.

In the bulletin, SES states that there is “increasing trend” in delta circulation, with a high probability that it will become “the most frequent, replacing the gamma variant”.

According to the secretariat, the delta variant has already been identified in 38 of the 92 municipalities in the state. In the city of Rio, according to the folder, the percentage of cases of the strain is even higher, with presence in 45% of the analyzed samples.

The study is done by sampling, according to SES. “One of the criteria for choosing the samples are those with the highest viral load, that is, from patients who may have greater clinical severity,” he explains in a note.

Delta’s community broadcasts in the city had been confirmed by the state government last month. Until July 22, the state had four deaths caused by the variant in cities in the Baixada Fluminense. This variant was first identified in India and is spreading across the world at high speed.

A variant is the result of genetic modifications that the virus undergoes during its replication process. A single virus can have numerous variants. The more the virus circulates, the more it replicates and the greater the likelihood of changes in its genetic material.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Mariana Pitasse

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