Rio de Janeiro: covid-19 cases increase and Paes warns that

During the release of the 33rd Epidemiological Bulletin of Rio this Friday (20), Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) expressed concern about the advance of the delta variant in the capital of Rio de Janeiro and stated that he can resume more restrictive measures if the number of serious cases and of deaths from covid-19 increase.

“We have to realize that things are hot in Rio, especially in Rio. This new variant started in the city of Rio. We cannot allow cases to get worse and end in deaths. Our appeal to Cariocas: with an increase in aggravations , we can go back to taking new restrictive measures,” said Paes.

In view of the increase in the number of cases, the current restrictive measures were extended. The City Hall, which had been renewing the restrictions in force every fortnight, this time preferred to extend them until the 30th, that is, one week. All 33 Administrative Regions of Rio continue to be at high risk of contamination.

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According to G1, the mayor gave details that the Attorney General’s Office of the Municipality of Rio should enter this Friday (20) with a request to the Supreme Court (STF) against the Ministry of Health to guarantee the shipments of the vaccines needed to immunize everyone who has taken the first dose.

“We understand that we live our reality here. For example, at this moment we are the epicenter of the delta variant and we want to be guaranteed the possibility, following the basic parameters of the National Immunization Program, to make decisions according to our reality , which is an increase in the number of cases, puts us in a position to privilege the third dose for older people. Our goal is to ensure that we can smoothly develop the immunization program, always in partnership with the Ministry of Health, always with dialogue,” said Paes.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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