Rio de Janeiro Agrarian Reform Fair reaches its 13th edition

Between September 8th and 11th, the 13th edition of the Cícero Guedes Agrarian Reform State Fair will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Unlike previous years, the fair follows the 2020 format due to the covid-19 pandemic and will take the baskets made with products from the settlements and camps of the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) to the homes of consumers.

Orders can be made through Armazém do Campo RJ’s Instagram account and through the link in the social network’s bio. For Rio and Niterói, orders must be placed by September 3rd and the telephone number for questions is (21) 99767-6116. For Maricá, the deadline for placing the order is September 4th and the contact for further clarification is (21) 97196-3131.

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Thus, the baskets sold in the capital will have the production of the regions of the state, which will have the Armazém do Campo as a logistical center so that the production and marketing groups in these regions can also acquire both local and agro-industrialized products and other accessories of the movement. to enrich the baskets of your regional fairs.

In Rio de Janeiro and its metropolitan region, the 13th Agrarian Reform Fair intends to deliver baskets in neighborhoods in the capital, Grande Rio, Ilha do Governador, Niterói and Maricá; In Norte Fluminense, the Fair will be held in Campos dos Goytacazes, at Espaço Santa Paciência; In Macae; In the Baixada Fluminense; and in the Sul Fluminense region in 5 municipalities, Volta Redonda, Barra Mansa, Quatis, Porto Real and Resende.

The idea is to sell more than 70 tons of Popular Agrarian Reform products, produced in the four regions of the state where the MST is organized: Norte Fluminense, Lagos, Sul Fluminense and Baixada Fluminense.

Among the products coming from the state and from cooperatives in Brazil linked to the movement, there are different types of rice, beans, fruits and pulp, vegetables, greens, vegetables, whole grape juice, sugarcane-derived products (brown sugar, molasses, brown sugar), craft beer, medicinal herbs, herbal medicines and phytocosmetics as well as homemade benefits.

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In addition, the Fair will have a rich and diverse cultural program of lives with the formative spaces of Dialogos da Terra and the Political Act to debate the agendas of the countryside, family and peasant agriculture and the struggle for Agrarian Reform.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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