Rio councilors approve forest preservation with vote

Rio de Janeiro councilors approved last Wednesday (3), by 36 votes to one, the bill 1345/2019 to protect the last stretch of flat Atlantic Forest in the city of Rio. Councilor Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicans) he was the only one to vote against the proposal to protect the environmental area of ​​the Camboatá Forest, in Deodoro, on the west side of the capital.

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At the time of the 2016 Olympic Games, the City of Rio even proposed that a race track be built in the forest area. Eduardo Paes’ (PSD) proposal generated strong popular and environmentalist mobilization. In early 2021, upon taking possession of the new mandate, Paes made a commitment to maintain the forest.

The construction of the project would require the felling of more than 200 thousand trees of 146 species and the deforestation of an area of ​​almost 160 hectares. Now, the project authored by former councilor Renato Cinco and councilor Célio Lupparelli (DEM) continues to be approved by Paes.

Alderman Chico Alencar (Psol) highlighted the intense and constant popular mobilization against the attempt to destroy the forest and, when criticizing Carlos Bolsonaro, recalled the federal government’s negative record on environmental issues.

“Thanks to the tireless mobilization of residents and activists, the racecourse did not succeed and the forest escaped destruction. Now we can permanently guarantee the environmental protection of Camboatá through this PL, which will still go through a 2nd vote. Guess who the only vote was. contrary to the preservation of the Camboatá Forest? Carlos Zero Dois, himself”.

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Councilor Lupparelli, co-author of the bill, stressed that the moment is challenging and that projects to preserve the environment have to be put into practice. He said that the Chamber sets an example to the residents of Rio, especially children and young people who are starting their lives with respect to the environmental issue.

“A good example to give to the entire state of Rio de Janeiro and to all of Brazil, because today unfortunately we are realizing that we are not doing very well in the environmental discussion around the world. We are being seen as pariahs in the environmental issue”, emphasized Lupparelli, in direct criticism of the Bolsonaro government’s conduct of the environmental agenda.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Eduardo Miranda

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