Research indicates the city of São Gonçalo as the most

This year, 30 young people were victims of shootings in Greater Rio, of which 10 died – an average of three shot a month. According to a survey by Instituto Fogo Cruzado, the municipality of São Gonçalo was the most dangerous place for young people in the metropolitan region.

The data show that, in 2021, 12 teenagers were shot in the second most populous city in the state, just behind the state capital. The municipality of Rio counted nine young victims of shootings; followed by Niterói, with three; São João de Meriti, Japeri and Maricá that counted two teenagers shot in each city.

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The Fogo Cruzado survey also highlighted that in the last five years, 378 teenagers were shot in the metropolitan region of Rio. According to the institute, 190 died. Most cases occurred during police operations where it was not always possible to find shelter amidst the shootings.

For Cecília Olliveira, executive director of Fogo Cruzado, it is the state’s duty to ensure the physical integrity of the population and ensure that small citizens grow and develop in a healthy and safe manner.

“The data collected by Fogo Cruzado show that these people are not even safe at home. It is necessary for the state government to present solutions to this violence,” he reiterated.

Source: BoF Rio de Janeiro

Edition: Jaqueline Deister

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