Repression and censorship: UFPB committee presents this Wednesday

A series of accusations, gathered in a dossier, will be presented to society this Wednesday (24), at 9 am, by the Committee for Mobilization for Autonomy and against Intervention at the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB).

Denounces such as repression and censorship, attacks on representative entities and movements, disregard for the living conditions of students and workers and management subordinated to the ideological alignment with the far right are present in the document that refers to the management of the UFPB rector, Valdiney Veloso Gouveia (Rector), sworn in by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (No Party), and therefore called the “bionic rector”, that is, the one taken to office by choice of authority, and not by determination of the electoral result.

::Rector of UFC chosen by Bolsonaro after finishing last in election commits plagiarism::

Valdiney Veloso Gouveia (Rector) and Liana Filgueira Albuquerque (vice-rector), chosen by Bolsonaro, were part of ticket 3, “Proud of being UFPB”, which was in 3rd place in the August 2020 election, with an inexpressive vote in the electoral consultation of UFPB, losing in all segments: professors, administrative technicians and students; he obtained a total of zero votes in the Consuni (University Council), and only entered the Triple list at the expense of an injunction. The winning ticket was from teachers Terezinha/Mônica.

Composed of entities and collectives from all categories of the UFPB academic community, the Committee for Mobilization for Autonomy and Against Intervention at the Federal University of Paraíba will hold a public act in front of this Wednesday (8/25), at 9 am to the rectory building of the UFPB campus I, in João Pessoa.

The action is part of the agenda of activities of the National Week of Fight against Intervention in Federal Education Institutions, deliberated by the Andes (National Union of Teachers of Higher Education Institutions), which has the support and participation of ADUFPB (Sindical Section of the Andes at UFPB).

“Adherence to this activity was deliberated by the teaching category at our last assembly, held on August 16th. It is important to highlight that the university community is united and will demonstrate its full repudiation of the anti-democratic actions of this government, expressed in the process of intervention in educational institutions, which stifles the legitimate right of teachers, civil servants and students to choose their deans.” evaluates the president of ADUFPB, Fernando Cunha.

::Bolsonaro nominates for the 22nd time rector who was not ranked first in the public consultation::

Since the beginning of Jair Bolsonaro’s government, more than 25 institutions have already suffered intervention by the president in the choice of deans and deans, with the nomination of names not indicated by the academic community.

“The act will be concentrated at 9 am on the ramp of the Rectory of UFPB, will feature an audiovisual projection in retrospect to the mobilizations against the Intervention, which have taken place since August 2020. In addition, the projection will address solidarity with the students of the University of Belarus, in reference to the immediate demand to end the international cooperation agreement between the University of Belarus and the UFPB, accused of repression and violations of the rights of political manifestation and critical thinking. with the Belarusian institution”, explains Ciro Caleb, from the Student Collective A UFPB SOMOS NÓS and from the Popular Youth Movement.

Currently, three federal universities are awaiting nominations for their rectory – from Tocantins (UFT), Santa Maria (UFSM) and Goiás (UFG). In another ten, the terms of current deans and deans expire between March and November 2022. In other words, Bolsonaro will still be able to interfere in the choice of deans for the Federal of Minas Gerais (UFMG), West Pará (UFOPA), ABC (UFABC), Southwest Bahia (UFSB), Santa Catarina (UFSC), Acre (UFAC), Bahia (UFBA), Amapá (Unifap) and Fluminense (UFF).

Source: BoF Paraíba

Edition: Heloisa de Sousa

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