Rede asks the STF a fine of R$ 500 thousand for Bolsonaro each

Rede Sustentabilidade, the opposition camp party, filed this Friday (30) with a writ of mandamus in the Supreme Court (STF) to ask that President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) be sentenced to pay a fine of R$ 500 thousand for every new fake news about the electoral process.

The acronym calls for the same to apply to government ministers and Bolsonaro family members who release lies about alleged election fraud. The amount would be subtracted from the personal assets of the accused themselves, and not from the public coffers.

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The petition comes after a virtual broadcast on Thursday (29), in which the president fired new accusations – without evidence – against the electoral system. Among other things, Bolsonaro presented a video in which a man claims to be supposedly “easy to defraud” electronic voting machines by modifying the equipment’s source code.

These and other accusations were denied by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and by experts, as well as by fact-checking and news pages.

“Unsurprisingly, after three years of speaking profanity without the slightest proof against the fairness of the Electoral Court, his presentation was full of false news, in addition to the express statement that ‘we have no evidence, I’ll make it clear, but clues’ . In view of the absurdity of yesterday’s date, it is imperative to put a brake on the authoritarian yearnings of the President of the Republic”, says the Network.

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The caption also criticizes the fact that Bolsonaro has reversed the so-called “burden of proof”, which falls on the accuser and not the accused. “Those who accuse me of not presenting evidence, I return the accusation. Provide proof that it is not fraud,” said the Chief Executive during the broadcast.

“For the Law, if the president alleges the existence of fraud, it is up to him to prove them, even if only with strong evidence, and not with bad taste presentations in a live full of untruths”, argues the party.

The Network also asks that the amounts of the fines be channeled towards investments aimed at controlling the pandemic, with an emphasis on the needs of the most vulnerable people.

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Edition: Vinícius Segalla

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