Rede announces Leandro Grass as a pre-candidate for the government of

District deputy Leandro Grass was announced by his party, Rede Sustentabilidade, as a pre-candidate for the Federal District government in next year’s elections. The presentation took place in a virtual event, broadcast this Wednesday night (1st), and was attended by former candidate for president and former minister Marina Silva, founder of the Network, of senators Fabiano Contarato (Rede-ES) and Reguffe (Podemos-DF).

In his speech of introduction, Grass directed harsh criticism to the administration of Governor Ibaneis Rocha.

::Mobilization calls for an end to the evictions of Ibaneis Rocha in the Federal District::

“Our DF, our Brasília, the capital of all Brazilians, cannot and should not remain in the hands of those who, unfortunately, use the government to do business. It benefits friends and forgets the rest of the population. Enough of the Ibaneis government , comes from these groups and these people, who have been mistreating our people for many, many years.”

The Deputy recalled broken promises by the current governor and cited the recent corruption scandals in the health area.

“He said he wasn’t going to sell CEB, and he sold CEB. He said that the Hospital de Base Institute was a nest of corruption, and he expanded the institute. He created this real institute of scandals, with allegations of overpricing, of misuse of input resources “he added.


About a month ago, Leandro Grass, who is a first-term parliamentarian, announced the creation of a front of opposition parties, with the aim of launching a single candidacy for the GDF. With the launch of this pre-candidacy, which may not be definitive, he said he expects the composition of a broader alliance in favor of a new project for the DF.

“We do not believe that the Network will do this alone. We want to be on the side of all parties, all leaders, all citizens who no longer want what is there, however, are very willing to build. Unfortunately, Brazil is going through a dark moment, of a government that rejects life and is associated with death, corruption, and the overpricing of vaccines.”

::DF will have first public district university from 2022:;

Source: Federal District BdF

Edition: Flávia Quirino

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